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Selecting the Perfect Hobby Maple Evaporator…

We understand shopping for a hobby evaporator can feel overwhelming! Our website allows you to easily narrow down hobby evaporators based on the number of taps you have, pan style and/or price. No sweat! After you select one of the recommended hobby evaporators, our website will guide you through customizing it to perfectly suit your needs and preferences. Of course, if you still have questions, feel free to call our shop at (920) 202-4500.

Hobby Evaporator Selection Guide

DIY Maple Syrup

Is This Your First Year Making Syrup?

Making maple syrup is both fun and rewarding. It’s a great excuse to enjoy the fresh air and make memories with friends and family.

We’d love to help you get started! Below is a list topics covered in our online resource guide. You may also request a free paper copy of this guide by emailing Angela or you can call us with questions at (920) 202-4500.


  1. Things you will need
  2. When is maple season?
  3. How to identify a maple tree
  4. Tapping
  5. Collecting
  6. Boiling
  7. Filtering
  8. Bottling
  9. Cleaning


This is what the side wall and ramp of the firebox should look like when bricking is complete.

Bricking Materials

Easy to use bricking templates for our Corsair evaporators are here! We also have the best price on ceramic blanket! Available today!

Concentric Exhaust System

Concentric Exhaust System

It’s a Steam Pipe and Smoke Pipe all in one. Benefit from increased safety and performance. Exclusively from Smoky Lake Maple Products. Learn more.

Stainless Steel Filter Press

Stainless Steel Filter Press

The industry’s FIRST and ONLY stainless steel filter press. Learn more.

Gift certificate

Smoky Lake Gift Certificates

Great gift for maple fanatics. Load with any dollar amount you wish! Learn more.

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