2022 Gift Card Promotion

Dear Maple Friends,

So often, we hear our customers tell us that the maple season is about MORE than maple syrup. It’s about quality time spent with family and friends. It’s about reconnecting with nature. It’s a celebration of that hard work which yields such sweet rewards. 

Indeed, there is something about maple that prompts us to pause and reflect. Maple fills us with gratitude.

Today, we would like to express OUR gratitude for YOU. It has been an honor to serve you this past year. Thank you for your kindness and support. We are proud to be your partner in maple.

The Smoky Lake Crew

How Gift Cards Were Distributed

If you are a Smoky Lake customer who fits the following criteria, you were automatically added to this mailing list!

  • Placed an order(s) on SmokyLakeMaple.com
  • Applicable to order(s) which were completed and shipped between June 1, 2021 – June 31, 2022
  • Minimum spend $100
  • Valid USPS shipping address within the United States
  • Retail customers only

If you did not receive a card this year, it may be because we do not have your current mailing address or you did not meet the above criteria. OR, perhaps you haven’t received it because it is still traveling through the mail! Either way, we plan to do this promotion every year. So if you didn’t get in on it this year, we are excited to offer more opportunities in the future!

Thank you to Sheboygan Mail House for helping us get over 2,700 gift cards ready for the mail so quickly!

Gift Card Requirements

EXPIRATION 10/31/2022. Nontransferable. Redeemable ONLY ONLINE at SmokyLakeMaple.com, and ONLY for standard products offered through that website. Your unique gift code MUST be entered at the time of purchase. Not valid with other coupons, prior purchases, exchanges or refunds. No cash back. One gift code per customer/household. (An automated system removes all duplicates.) Sorry, we are not able to send duplicate/replacement gift cards.

Smoky Lake reserves the right to modify/clarify this offer at any time. High five! Thank you!