Custom Pans at Drewry Farms

If you would like to see Smoky Lake Maple equipment in action, we probably have a customer in your area that would be happy to show you their set-up. On this page, we have decided to start keeping a list of the folks who have offered to share their experiences with you. We are so lucky to work in an industry that is made up of so many inspiring, hard-working people who are excited to share their knowledge with others.

We will not list phone numbers and house addresses for privacy reasons, but we would be happy to get you in touch with anyone on this list upon your request.


Nathan Heath • Killingworth, Connecticut
Nathan is running a 2 x 4 Corsair w/ Raised Flue Pan Set


Cooke’s Maple Farm LLC, George and Kate Cooke • Brunswick, Maine
Jim and Kate are Smoky Lake dealers 

Maple Rush Farm, Jordan Davis • Sabattus, Maine
Maple Rush is using Smoky Lake equipment for Boiling, Filtering and Bottling


Michael Novak • West Hampton, Massachusetts
Mike is running a 2 x 8 Silverplate with Raised Flue Pan Set


Patrick Diamond • Nashville, Michigan
Patrick is running a 2 x 4 high output pan set on the Corsair Arch with Smoky Lake head tank. He also uses the Smoky Lake Steam Bottler, Murphy Cup and Hydrometers


Lance Kaiser • Buffalo, Minnesota
Lance is running a Smoky Lake Silverplate evaporator

Brian Hughes • Eagle Lake, Minnesota
Brian is running a 2 x 4 Smoky Lake Corsair with Hybrid Pan, a 2 x 6 Corsair with Hybrid Pan, a Smoky Lake bottler and a Murphy Compensation Cup

Al Sharp • Deerwood, Minnesota
Al is running a 2 x 5 Smoky Lake Corsair with Hybrid Pan, a Float Box, and a Steam Bottler


David Lamb • Canterbury, New Hampshire
David is running a Smoky Lake Silverplate evaporator

Ken St Pierre • Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
Ken is running a Smoky Lake Corsair evaporator with Simplicity Auto Draw-Off System. 


Jim Shubsda • Ransomville, New York
Jim is running a Smoky Lake 2 x 4 Corsair w/Divided Pan and Forced Draft

James Priest • Parish, New York
James is running a Smoky Lake 2 x 8 Drop Flue Pan Set

Scott Brown • Clemons, New York
Scott is running a Smoky Lake 2 x 6 Raised Flue Pan Set with Same Side Reverse System


Brillion Nature Center, Louie • Brillion, Wisconsin
The Nature Center is using a Smoky Lake Steam Bottler System

Drewry Maple Farm, Barbara Drewry • Plymouth, Wisconsin
The Drewrys are boiling with a Smoky Lake High Output Raised Flue Pan Set

Daniel Schauder • Winter, Wisconsin


Bryan Parker • North ClarendonVT
Bryan is boiling on a Smoky Lake 2×8 Raised Flue Pan Set

Sam Peters • Albany, VT
Sam is boiling on a Smoky Lake Hybrid Pan

Reference Request Form

Would you like us to introduce you to a maple producer on this list? Or would you be interested in being added to the list so that you can share your knowledge with other maple producers? Contact Angela using the form below.