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Steam Train

Four Ways to Harness the Power of Heat

A few years ago, on a cold December evening, a massive, vintage steam train rolled into my hometown as part of an American history tour. Steam trains have become so rare that I imagine seeing this locomotive was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Jim and me… There is not a sugar maker alive […]

Happy Holidays

Gifts for Beginners

Why Is Maple Equipment the Perfect Christmas Gift? Maple season is not just about the maple syrup. This is a time to reconnect. Not just with nature but also with each other. Maple season brings people together. There is really nothing else quite like it! If you need help choosing the perfect item for your […]

Asarasi Banner

Asarasi Sparkling Tree Water

We recently met with Rebekah, representative of the New York-based Asarasi Sparkling Tree Water company, at the Lake Erie Maple Expo in Pennsylvania. Rebekah explained that Asarasi is purchasing the waste from maple producers’ R.O. systems (which is pure water). They then carbonate and bottle the water, and sell it at a wide variety of […]

Kate Cooke

Sugar Maker and US Air Force Veteran, Kate Cooke

Happy Veterans Day! Today We Honor Our Fellow Sugar Maker, Kate Cooke, For The Service And Sacrifices She Made For Our Country. Interview October 27, 2017: Angela: Kate, thank you for your service. I’d love to learn more about it. In which branch did you serve? Kate: I served in the US Air Force from […]

Green Husks

The Hickory Tree

Commonly referred to as “shag bark trees”, there is no denying that the Hickory Tree looks very different from our beloved maples, but I would argue that they are equally fascinating. Just like maple trees, the hickory can be used to make a delicious syrup. However – unlike maple syrup – hickory syrup is made by boiling hickory bark. No sap required! […]

Weight Limits for Vehicles Transporting Maple Sap or Syrup

A letter from Senator Terry Moulton and Representative Bob Kulp Date: Tuesday, September12, 2017  Subject: Co-sponsorship of LRB 0366-1 and 2022-1, Weight limits for certain vehicles transporting maple sap or syrup DEADLINE:  September 19, 2017  Under current law, vehicles transporting dairy products enjoy a slightly higher maximum weight limit than most transport vehicles. This bill would […]

Blueberry Bush

Creamy Blueberry Maple Pops

It’s Blueberry Season!   Take Advantage of Fresh, Local Berries. Our Creamy Blueberry Maple Pops recipe requires just THREE simple, healthy ingredients. Like maple syrup, blueberries are packed with antioxidants. Also similar to maple syrup, blueberries are a great source of manganese which plays an important role in energy production.   Creamy Blueberry Maple Pops INGREDIENTS 1 […]

Jim and Angela Schumacher

Hilbert Progress Article 2017

Written by Delta Publications, July, 2017 What began as a side business for Angela and Jim Schumacher has quickly evolved into a successful company that supports nine full time employees. Smoky Lake Maple Products began in 2010 in the Schumacher’s garage. It has since grown to a full manufacturing facility located in the TIF district […]

Hiring for TIG Welder (Apprentice Opportunity Also Available)

JOB SUMMARY The focus of the specialized TIG Welder position is to craft premium stainless steel equipment which will be used in the maple syrup industry. These duties include TIG welding precut/formed stainless steel parts, polishing/finishing and inspecting. This is a full-time, 1st shift position. This position demands a pursuit for excellence in both craftsmanship […]

Hiring for Fabrication / Assembly

JOB SUMMARY The focus of the Fabrication and Assembly position is to craft premium stainless steel equipment which will be used in the maple syrup industry. Responsibilities include shearing, profiling, forming and otherwise preparing stainless steel parts for our welding department. Duties would also include assembly/inspection of non-welded items. This is a full-time, 1st shift […]