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How to Use Plumber’s Tape (AKA Teflon Tape)

Plumber’s tape is essential for threaded connections – such as a Ball Valve or Thermometer – in order to prevent thread binding and enhance the water-tight seal. Wrap the tape around the male threads until the threads are completely covered. It is recommended to have at least 2 layers of the tape wrapped around the […]

How to Hook Up a Smoky Lake Preheater:

At the rear of the preheater, the lower left pipe is where your cold sap will enter the system. It is recommended to use a head tank that has a shut-off valve. This will allow you to close off raw sap from your system at the end of a boiling day. Just don’t forget to […]

How Long Must I Boil Before I Can Draw Off Syrup?

The answer to this question is dependent on several variables. For example: What is the starting sugar content of your sap? What type of pans/arch are you using? What type of firewood are you using? How often do you recharge the firebox with more wood? And so on. Due to all these variables, there is […]

Why is my syrup temperature rising during draw off?

The below information is applicable to continuous flow pans (AKA divided pans). If you are using a flat pan, you should NOT draw off a considerable quantity of syrup while the pans are under fire. It is very common for the temperature to rise about 2ºF above the set point on the first draw off […]

Why Should I Monitor Syrup Temperature?

Temperature is an indicator of your syrup’s density. Syrup finishes at 7ºF above the boiling point of water, about 66.9% sugar density. Temperature can most easily be monitored using a Maple Thermometer or an Auto Draw-Off System.

How to Install a Feed Pan on an Evaporator Pan

Step 1: Confirm that the length of your Feed Pan matches the width of your evaporator pan. Smoky Lake has two standard sizes of Feed Pans: 16”-wide Feed Pans are used with our 16” x 30” pans. 2′-wide Feed Pans are used with our 2′ wide evaporator pans. Step 2: Install the Attachment Clips. (If […]

Why Does My Draw-Off Temperature Fluctuate?

The temperature at which maple syrup finishes will fluctuate based on environmental factors such as altitude and barometric pressure. This means that your ideal draw-off temperature could potentially change throughout the course of a single day. Check your syrup density periodically to make sure your draw-off temperature remains on point.

How to Set the Alarm on a Smoky Lake Auto Draw Off System

All models of the Smoky Lake Auto Draw-Off Systems have a factory preset which will sound an audible alarm if your syrup temperature reaches 3ºF or higher than your draw-off temperature setting. You can verify this setting and/or customize it to a different temperature as described below. To customize the alarm safety setting: First, take […]


How to Submit a Video Via Smartphone

We have had many folks tell us that they have a great video to share in our video contest, but they can’t figure out how to post the video to our Facebook page. Here is a Step by Step guide which will show how to submit the video using a smartphone. First, before you create […]