Blueberry Bush

Creamy Blueberry Maple Pops

It’s Blueberry Season!   Take Advantage of Fresh, Local Berries. Our Creamy Blueberry Maple Pops recipe requires just THREE simple, healthy ingredients. Like maple syrup, blueberries are packed with antioxidants. Also similar to maple syrup, blueberries are a great source of manganese which plays an important role in energy production.   Creamy Blueberry Maple Pops INGREDIENTS 1 […]

Jim and Angela Schumacher

Hilbert Progress Article 2017

Written by Delta Publications, July, 2017 What began as a side business for Angela and Jim Schumacher has quickly evolved into a successful company that supports nine full time employees. Smoky Lake Maple Products began in 2010 in the Schumacher’s garage. It has since grown to a full manufacturing facility located in the TIF district […]

Sycamore tree found in Bensheim, Germany

Is That A Maple Tree?

Hello from Bensheim, Germany! I took a nice walk today and leisurely surveyed the landscape as I strolled along. The sun was out, birds were singing German love songs and all was right with the world. La la la. And then Bam! Something caught my eye that stopped me dead in my tracks… Is that a MAPLE LEAF […]

Sugarmaker's Companion

National Library Week, April 9 – 15, 2017

This week is National Library Week! In celebration of this special week, Smoky Lake is sending a special donation/grant to the Public Library in Williamsburg, Ohio. The funds will be used for children’s reading programs and/or adding additional maple books to their circulation. Are there any maple books you would recommend for the Library? Are there any […]

Video Contest - Smoky Lake University

2017 Video Contest — Smoky Lake University

It’s time for the 2nd Annual Smoky Lake Video Contest! We’ve got seven weeks of great prizes planned including the grand prize $500 gift certificate for! This year, the contest theme is “Smoky Lake University”. Create a short, educational video showing how you use your Smoky Lake Maple equipment. Remember, we ALL have something to teach/share. And we […]

Krispy Kreme

Stand Up Against Krispy Kreme’s Fake Maple

Another big food manufacturer is in the news after being sued for a misleading product name. This time it is Krispy Kreme Donuts. They advertised a “Maple Glazed” Donut which did not actually contain any real maple syrup. Come on Krispy Kreme! You are breaking our hearts! To petition against this misleading practice, reply in the comments […]

Miscoe Hill Maple

Maple Fever on Miscoe Hill.

Meet Bert Stewart of Miscoe Hill Maple. It all started back in 2010. Bert and his family were living in Vermont at the base of Round Hill. He started by tapping 12 trees with buckets and then bringing the sap to his friend’s house to be boiled. Soon later he increased to 60 taps on buckets… Then 145 taps […]

2016 Video Contest Details

All of us at Smoky Lake Maple Products want to say THANK YOU. Over the last several years, many of you have taken the time out of your busy day to email us great photos from your maple season and to share your success stories with us. As a token of our thanks, we’ve decided to […]

Maintaining Continuous Flow Gradient

There are many maple syrup producers don’t do anything special to preserve their gradient after they put their pan “to bed” for the day. They accept that some mixing will occur between now and the next time they boil and they simply allow the gradient to gradually re-establishes itself the next time they boil. However, if you are […]

Sap Preheater - Exclusive Smoky Lake Design

How to Hook Up a Smoky Lake Preheater

At the rear of the preheater, the lower left pipe is where your cold sap will enter the system.  The hot sap will exit the system and go to the float box at the upper right.  The vent can be extended up from the upper left, the lower right can be used as a drain.  […]