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Steam Train

Four Ways to Harness the Power of Heat

A few years ago, on a cold December evening, a massive, vintage steam train rolled into my hometown as part of an American history tour. Steam trains have become so rare that I imagine seeing this locomotive was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Jim and me… There is not a sugar maker alive […]

Sycamore tree found in Bensheim, Germany

Is That A Maple Tree?

Hello from Bensheim, Germany! I took a nice walk today and leisurely surveyed the landscape as I strolled along. The sun was out, birds were singing German love songs and all was right with the world. La la la. And then Bam! Something caught my eye that stopped me dead in my tracks… Is that a MAPLE LEAF […]

Maintaining Continuous Flow Gradient

There are many maple syrup producers don’t do anything special to preserve their gradient after they put their pan “to bed” for the day. They accept that some mixing will occur between now and the next time they boil and they simply allow the gradient to gradually re-establishes itself the next time they boil. However, if you are […]

Sap Preheater - Exclusive Smoky Lake Design

How to Hook Up a Smoky Lake Preheater

At the rear of the preheater, the lower left pipe is where your cold sap will enter the system.  The hot sap will exit the system and go to the float box at the upper right.  The vent can be extended up from the upper left, the lower right can be used as a drain.  […]

How to Clean Your Smoky Lake Evaporator Pan

There are many commercial pan cleaners on the market and many people have had great results from them. However, there are also more natural approaches to cleaning your pan and you won’t have to go any farther than the grocery store to get the necessary ingredients. This method does NOT require a lot of elbow […]

Check List

Start-Up List For Your Evaporator

Before you start your fire, make sure to run through the items on this list. Not all of these items may be applicable to you depending on what type of pan and accessories you are using, but these are all items that will help you protect your pans and prevent damage. If the sap level gets […]