How Do I Find My Optimal Efficiency Setting With My Great Lakes Guardian Auto Draw Off?

You can ask ten different sugar makers what their preferred stack temperature is and you will likely get ten different answers. Everyone’s setup is a little different, and there are a lot of variables which influence this answer.  Keeping all other variables the same, take note
of the amount of wood required to achieve different stack temperatures as well as the
evaporation rate at each of those stack temperatures. Divide the number of gallons
evaporated in an hour by the amount of fuel used. Whichever yields the largest number is
your most efficient stack temperature.

Other things to consider include:
• A rolling boil should not toss sap out of your pan. Keep sap contained.
• If you are low on sap, you may want to run at a lower temperature in order to be able
to shut down quicker and/or maintain greater control.