Selecting An Evaporator

In order to select the best evaporator for your situation, here are some important points to consider.

SPACE Smoky Lake evaporators are so efficient, you will be able to achieve higher productivity and efficiency in a smaller footprint compared to our competitors.


When selecting a pan style, you may consider each pan’s evaporation rate, the types of accessories offered/included, and the pan’s method of operation.

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NUMBER OF TAPS Be sure to consider future expansion! Let’s choose an evaporator that has the capacity to grow with you! Our hobby evaporators have an estimated “tap rating” which varies based on the pan size and style.

If your time is limited, process sap faster with a larger size, or an upgraded pan style. (See our evaporator efficiency ratings measured in gallons evaporated per hour [GPH].) You can also decrease boiling time by using a Reverse Osmosis System.

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Firewood is typically a favored fuel source due to its abundance in a sugarbush. However, our oil-fired and gas-fired options are convenient, ash-free, and include the benefit of a quicker start up and shut down.


Customize your evaporator and increase efficiency as your budget allows. Also, rest assured that Smoky Lake evaporators retain their value VERY WELL. They are a very sound investment! We also offer FREE shipping in the continental USA!

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Jimmy Brochtrup
Jimmy Brochtrup, Maple Specialist

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This article was adapted from our 2022 Catalog, pages 19 – 20.