Pick Ups Promo (Expires = March 12, 2023)

This promotion has concluded. Thank you. See our current deals HERE.

What is a pick up discount?

Select products (listed below) may be eligible for a discount if they are ordered online but picked up in our store in Hilbert, WI. The customer must inquire at the time of pick up to trigger pick up discounts.

PANS Flat Pans and Divided Pans (Non-Freight) $25.00 USD
Flat Pans and Divided Pans (Freight) $50.00 USD
Full Pint Hybrid OR
Dauntless Drop Flue Pan Set
$100.00 USD
Hybrid Pan (larger than Full Pint) $225.00 USD
High Output Pan Sets $225.00 USD
FULL EVAPORATORS StarCat OR Dauntless Evaporators Free Brick Kit
Corsair/Silverplate with Flat/Divided/Hybrid Pan $300.00 USD
Corsair/Silverplate with High Output Pan Set $400.00 USD
ARCHES StarCat/Dauntless Arch (w/o a pan) $35.00 USD OR 50% Off Brick Kit
Gas-Fired Finisher/Evaporator (w/o a pan) $40.00 USD
Corsair/Silverplate Arch (w/o a pan) $225.00 USD
OTHER Water-Jacketed Bottlers $25.00 USD
Complete Steam Bottlers $25.00 USD
Concentric Exhaust System (without evaporator) $40.00 USD
Water-Jacketed Draw-Off Tanks $40.00 USD
Filter Presses $75.00 USD
Auto-Refill Head Tank $100.00 USD
Plastic Spouts and Tubing Fittings Top tier of the bulk pricing discounts are applied to all individual 25-packs. (as marked in store)
Wind Resistant Bag Holders, 25-Pack Approx $10 off (As marked in store)
FULL CASE of any style Bottle Caps $60 off
Hood only (no pans) $50 off
Lid for Evaporator Pan $15 off
Backflip Preheater only (no pans/hood) $30 off