Dauntless Parts

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  • High Temperature Arch Paint

    High Temperature Arch Paint, Black

  • Black Pipe Group

    Black Pipes and Elbows

  • Guy Support

    Stainless Steel Guy Support for 6″ Stack Pipe

  • 1 inch rail gasket with adhesive

    Rail Gasket w/Adhesive, 12′ Length, 1″ Width

  • Lid for Feed Pan

    Lid for Feed Pan, 20″ length

  • Dauntless Hose Kit Parts

    Hose Kit (Connects a Feed Pan to a Float Box)

  • Replacement insulation for Dauntless Evaporator

    Replacement Insulation for a Dauntless Evaporator

    From: $110.00
  • High Temp Firebrick

    Brick Kit for Dauntless

  • Castors on Dauntless

    Caster Wheel Set, For Dauntless or StarCat

  • Sight Glass Connected to Float Box

    Deluxe Sight Glass for Float Box

  • Sight Glass Connected to Draw-Off Port

    Deluxe Sight Glass for Draw-Off Port (3/4″ fittings)

  • Pneumatic Tires for StarCat or Dauntless

    Pneumatic Tire Set (Straight Runners), For StarCat or Dauntless