Hiring Product Development Assistant


This job requires a person who is forward-thinking, creative, driven, thorough and meticulous. This individual must be able to think 3-dimensionally; be able to pick up a blueprint and understand how all the different parts would come together. Must be able to work well with others and communicate effectively. Must be able to finish a project through to the end without taking shortcuts which could impact the quality of the end product. Must be professional with customers and establish themselves as a trusted resource. Must have general knowledge of the maple industry and must be familiar with how existing/traditional maple equipment is used.


We are currently a 5-person company which designs and manufactures stainless steel equipment for the maple industry. (Large scale evaporators, bottlers, filtering units, etc) We just recently moved to a brand new facility in Hilbert, Wisconsin and we are growing very rapidly. In fact, we are already working on a new addition for the building. Our customers range from hobbyists to professional operations. We have a lot of big ideas already in motion but we are seeking additional team members to accelerate our new product development and also assist with miscellaneous tasks as described below.


Assist with product development

  • Communicate with vendors
  • Suggest improvements
  • Implement new ideas (Including fabrication)
  • Run tests and record accurate, usable data
  • Draw or revise blueprints
  • Take initiative
  • Provide information for use in our product instruction guides
  • Ability to TIG or MIG weld is a bonus but we can teach if necessary

Customer service

  • Answer emails/voicemails from customers in a timely fashion
  • Answer questions simply and accurately
  • Resolve disputes in a manner that is fair for both the customer and our company
  • Understand the customer’s needs and recommend appropriate equipment
  • Follow up where there is an issue/complaint

Work well with other team members

  • Teach coworkers how the maple equipment that we are producing is used
  • Consult coworkers regarding fabrication techniques/details whenever appropriate.
  • Put value in the feedback of both customers and coworkers
  • Assist coworkers with their responsibilities whenever necessary (Including fabrication)


  • Maintain a tidy and safe work environment
  • Maintain and develop tools


  • Time and a half pay for overtime worked
  • Paid vacation and PTO
  • 3-day weekends during the summer (off season)
  • Health insurance is negotiable
  • Work with awesome people and love your job


We encourage our employees to set goals and challenge themselves. By doing this, we believe your job will be more enjoyable and you will be more fulfilled. Please let us know if you are interested in expanding on your skill set. There are many directions in which you can grow at Smoky Lake Maple Products.