Gas-Fired Finisher Evaporator
Gas-Fired Finisher Evaporator Gas-Fired Burners on a 16 x 30 arch Up Close burners-up-close2 video

16″ x 30″ Gas-Fired Finisher/Evaporator with Divided Pan

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Path of Sap Flow in a Divided Pan
This is a handcrafted, table-top propane finishing unit containing THREE Smoky Lake LP jet burners. The high quality arch body is fully insulated, which guarantees superior efficiency and a definite “wow” factor while boiling. The artisan-quality pan is also handcrafted with Smoky Lake exclusive features such as Level Assist. The entire unit is applauded for its great functionality and high performance.

NOTE: Some Assembly May Be Required


Premium Stainless Steel 16 x 30 Divided Pan

  • 22 gauge, mirror finish stainless steel (more efficient than competitors’ thicker gauges)
  • TIG welded (NEVER Soldered)
  • Limited lifetime guarantee against leaks
  • Full length handles
  • Two, strong, formed-in dividers
  • One 1/2″ stainless steel, draw-off valve
  • One 1/2″ stainless steel plug (for the sap inlet port)
  • One 3″ dial, 0 – 250ºF thermometer
  • Instruction guide for using this style evaporator pan
  • Right-side draw-off

Gas-Fired Finisher Evaporator

  • Burners
  • Manifold
  • Regulator
  • Chimney elbow and pipe
  • Fully insulated furnace body

(Please note: The lid in the photo is an optional add-on.)


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Finally a bench-top, high efficiency gas-fired heating system dedicated solely to the purpose of evaporating sap and finishing syrup. Smoky Lake Maple Products is the first to bring you a sealed combustion propane fueled burner that has the ability to connect to a vent or a chimney.
The multiple air-cooled turbo jet burners, when on high fire, are able to bring your raw sap up to a full boil in less than in less than 8 minutes, and the included regulator allows you to throttle the heat back to the perfect setting to maintain your temperature all day long. The 2′ x 4′ version is able to bring 40 gallons of finished syrup to bottling temperature in 20 minutes.
Though chimney venting is not required with this unit, it is recommended when using the heater in a confined space for extended periods of time.
Fully insulated with ceramic fiber insulation, the heat is directed into your pan, not allowed to spill into the room and be wasted.
The burners produce about 75,000 btus per nozzle. They use high pressure, 20psi.

Premium, Stainless Steel Divided Pan

The handcrafted, mirror finish stainless steel pan is the same premium quality that we are known for. We use high grade 22ga stainless steel which enables more efficient heat transfer from the fire to the sap compared to our competitor’s thicker stainless steel. Two continuous flow dividers are formed into the structure of the pan, NOT tacked into place as an afterthought. The pan profile includes full-length handles which offers easy maneuverability and increased strength. A thermometer port with 3″ dial thermometer and a stainless steel draw-off valve are also included.

Natural Gas Conversion

2 PSI is required if you opt for the natural gas version of this burner. Your home will have a 2 PSI service to the meter outside, but is likely reduced to 1/4 PSI before entering the house. Many people have converted the service at their home in order to run our 2 PSI system. This conversion is done by your gas supplier for no cost. However, after the service is upgraded to 2 PSI, it will be your responsibility to put a local 1/4 PSI regulator before each of the appliances in your home (water heater, furnace, etc.) This might cost anywhere between $200 and $500 depending on if you hire this work out or do it yourself.

In many cases, it is more straight forward and cost effective to use propane.  The propane model has a wider range of heat and also slightly more top end power.  The LP model is an excellent system.

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16" x 30"

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1 review for 16″ x 30″ Gas-Fired Finisher/Evaporator with Divided Pan

  1. David Johnson

    I am a retired accountant. During my work years making maple syrup wasn’t an option. Now I have the time.

    In the past few years I have used a group of steam tray 5 gallon pans over propane. This year I purchased this 16”xs30” pan with auto fill attached. Evaporating using only the pan, I was getting about 5 gallons per hour (gph). I then pre-heated my sap using some of the steam tray pans. This increased my evaporation rate to 7.5 gph.

    I used 5.25 100# propane cylinders @ $49/cylinder for the evaporator and 6 25# cylinders @ $15/cylinder for a total cost of $347.25. I evaporated 510 gal of sap into 12.5 gal of syrup or a cost of $6.945/qt. My neighbor sells his syrup for $20/qt.

    As you can see there is plenty of room for profit without stress and mess of cutting and splitting wood.

    I use an app for tracking sap and syrup production. I find this very helpful to compare prior production and boiling temps as they change with barometric pressure.

    Clean up is a breeze with the 50/50 vinegar/water mix.

    This is a great piece of equipment for the hobbyist or starter. I would buy this again.

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