Corsair with Hybrid Pro and Optional Sight Glass
Corsair with Hybrid Pro and Optional Sight Glass Corsair Evaporator with Hybrid Pro Pan and Optional Float Box and Sight Glass Corsair Evaporator with Hybrid Pro Pan and Optional Float Box and Sight Glass The Corsair comes with an air-tight front loading door. It's easy to add a blower to the Corsair Arch Forced Draft Kit includes domed grates Three Quarter Inch Ball Valve Galvanized Smoke Stack Pipe, 5-ft length, various diameters

2′ × 3′ Corsair Evaporator w/Hybrid Pro Pan

From: $3,159.00

This evaporator is rated for 30 – 100 taps.
Estimated evaporation rate is 10 – 15+ gallons per hour.
It will take 10 gallons of sap to fill the pan 2″ deep.


  1. Hybrid Hobby Pro Pan

    • 22 gauge, mirror finish stainless steel
    • Eight drop flues in the back section
    • Two finishing compartments in the front section
    • Stainless steel divider in the flue section
    • 3/4″ stainless steel, full port Draw-Off Valve
    • 1/4″ port with 3″ Dial Maple Thermometer
    • 1/4″ port to accommodate an optional Auto Draw Off System
    • Brackets and ports for an optional float box
    • Contoured pan profile for added pan strength
    • Full length, built in handles
    • Instructions for using a hybrid pan

  2. Corsair Arch

    • Strong, Reliable Steel Frame
    • Large Air-tight Loading Door
    • Large Combustion Chamber
    • Both Natural Draft and Forced Draft Available
      • If you choose natural draft, the arch will come with a Perforated Knock Out and Mounting Studs so that a Forced Air Kit could easily be added in the future.
      • If you choose to add the Forced Draft Kit at this time, we will mount the electric blower to the arch and include upgraded Domed Cast Iron Grates

  3. Stack Pipe and Base Stack

    • Galvanized Steel construction unless upgraded to Stainless Steel (longer life expectancy).
    • The total length of the Stack Pipe is always double the length of the arch. Maximum = 12 feet.

  4. Gasket Material

    • Rope Gasket with stiffener to be placed behind the pan
    • Flat Rope Gasket for the pan to sit on top of


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 Premium Stainless Steel Hybrid Hobby Pan

The Smoky Lake Hybrid Hobby pans are a flue pan and a front syrup pan all built into one.

The Smoky Lake Hybrid Hobby pan will evaporate 250% faster than a standard flat pan. The pan has eight drop flues in the back and two finishing compartments in the front. Being that it is one pan you don’t need to worry about gaskets and there are no external transition fittings which cool your sap down. Switching to a hybrid pan is as simple as just replacing your flat pan. The stainless steel draw-off valve and 0–50 maple thermometer are included. Every pan comes with brackets and ports for a float box so you can add one now or later on.

All Smoky Lake Maple pans are made with premium 22 gauge, mirror finish stainless steel. The side profile of the pans are designed for extreme durability and includes full length handles to make them easy to move. All of our valves and fittings are pure stainless steel, NOT just nickel plated. All of our equipment is fully TIG welded to the highest food grade standards. We are very proud to offer the very best equipment in the maple industry. Made in the USA.

Corsair Arch

This revolutionary evaporator design is fully convertible from conventional draft to forced draft in an instant. The airtight front gives you a critical advantage in efficiency and performance whether you’re running the forced air kit or if you choose to keep things simple with natural aspiration. 

The large loading door nicely compliments the large combustion chamber. This air-tight door will help prevent cold air from being pulled along the bottom of pan, negatively effecting evaporation rate and efficiency. 

The Corsair arch is fully steel framed. The entire perimeter is built as strong as possible, giving you confidence when filling the pans above it with your precious liquid and igniting an intense fire inside it. Additionally, the arch fits the geometry of whatever pan set you plan to use on it, forcing the pan to take full advantage of the heat created within. The nice, big firebox is 24″wide x 32″tall x 25.5″deep.

Insulating the Arch

You will need 20 thick bricks and 20 thin bricks (for the firebox) and 1 case of ceramic insulation blanket (for the rest of the arch and behind the bricks). See our Brick and Insulation Kit for more information.

Please note: fire brick/ceramic blanket not included.

Forced Draft Kit Option

Forced Draft Kit includes domed gratesBENEFITS:

  • Much higher evaporation rate compared to natural draft.
  • Easier to burn larger/unseasoned wood. This means you won’t have to cut your firewood as fine and you can burn wood that is less perfect.
  • Increased agility. You will be able to shut down your evaporator much faster because it allows firewood to burn quicker and more completely.


The forced draft option includes upgraded domed cast iron grates and an electric blower. If ordered at this time, the blower will come pre-mounted to the arch. Otherwise, if you order the arch as conventional draft, the back of the Corsair firebox will include a perforated knock out and mounting studs to accommodate a forced air kit in the future. If the time comes when you need more performance, just remove the knock out, mount the blower and replace the steel grates with the kit’s new perforated, domed cast iron grates.

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  1. G. Little, Middletown, Maryland

    We are delighted with our purchase from Smoky Lake so far. Your customer support is exceptional and that makes a huge difference for us. We are very happy we purchased our evaporator from Smoky Lake.

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