Corsair with Raised Flue Pan Set - Standard Configuration
360 Corsair with Raised Flue Pan Set - Standard Configuration Standard Grates in a Corsair Arch RaisedFluePanSet-Firebox Float Box with Sight Glass Looking inside the Raised Flue Pan video

2′ x 8′ Corsair Evaporator with Raised Flue Pan Set


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This evaporator is rated for 325 – 750 taps.
Estimated evaporation rate is 55 – 95+ gallons per hour.

Raised Flue Pan Set with Standard Configuration

This is a Standard Draw-Off Configuration: Turn the pan 180º to reverse flow.
(An alternative configuration is our Same Side Reverse System)

NOTE: Feature photo includes additional, optional components. (Sight glasses, Fitted Hood, Forced Draft System, Auto Draw-Off with Valve Assembly, an additional Thermometer, etc)


Corsair™ Arch

  • [A] Firebox Sight Window
  • [B] Large, Airtight, Steel Door and Large Combustion Chamber  (It’s true air-tightness and large combustion chamber make this a high efficiency arch of unprecedented versatility.)
  • [C] Fully Steel Framed
  • [D] Factory Optimized Geometry for ANY Style of Smoky Lake Pan (And, very easily convertible if you change pan styles in the future.)
  • [E] Both Natural Draft and Forced Draft available
    • Natural Draft option includes an perforated attachment hub so that a Forced Air Kit could be easily added in the future.
    • Forced Draft option comes with a pre-mounted Blower and Domed Cast Iron Grates
  • [F] Base Stack and Stack Pipe The arch is designed with a rectangular hub so that heat is drawn across the full width of your pan. The height of the included Base Stack and Stack Pipe combined will be 2x the length of your pan(s), up to 12 feet total height.
  • [G] Leveling Bolts (So the evaporator can sit flat even if your floor is uneven)

Corsair Arch Features

Cross Flow Syrup Pan

  • Sanitary Draw-Off Valve (1-1/2″) w/Food-Grade Gaskets
  • Positive Draw-Off Boxes in the Optimal Location
    (Finished syrup is drawn off at the rear of the Syrup Pan because that is where the heat is most concentrated.)
  • Angled Thermometer Port w/ 3″ Dial Maple Thermometer
  • Structurally Formed-in Dividers 
  • Reversible (To Lift Niter From the Pan Floor)
  • 13″ wall height

High Efficiency Flue Pan

  • Eleven 7″ Flues (On the 2′ wide pans) for Supreme Efficiency
  • 20″ wall height to contain the violent boil
  • Three 1/4″ Stainless Steel Plugs (To Plug Unused Ports)

Additional Features/Benefits

  • Inlet Float Box w/Fittings, Drain, and Connection for Optional Sight Glass
  • Transfer Float Box w/Fittings, Drain, and Connection for Optional Sight Glass
  • TWO Stiffened Gaskets
  • 22 ga. Mirror Finish Stainless Steel
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on all TIG Welds
  • Filed, Hemmed Edges with 360º Handles on Both Pans


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Instruction Guides

Raised Flue Pan Sets Bricking a Corsair

Four Reasons the Door Design is Critical

1Competitor doors/fireboxes are often much too small. In contrast, the 16″ x 16″ Corsair doorway makes it easier to load wood, and generate more heat.

2If you ever want to upgrade to Forced Draft — either now or in the future — you need an airtight door. With Corsair, you’re all set.

Regardless whether you have Forced Draft or Natural Draft, an airtight door increases efficiency. A leaky door works against you by allowing cold air to enter the firebox and cool your pans.

4Our competitors’ cast iron door fronts have been cracking since the 1800s. The Smoky Lake Corsair door will not. We guarantee it.

Compare the Durability


Standard Configuration Vs Same Side Reverse System

Standard Configuration vs Same Side Reverse System

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Pan Size

2' x 8'


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