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8 oz Maple Syrup Bottles w/Handles and Caps – Case of 12

These bottles are sold by the case. Each case contains 12 bottles.

    • Bottle Capacity: 8 oz.
    • Caps: White with tamper resistant band. 1 cap included with each bottle.
    • Glass Color: Clear

Sorry we do NOT ship bottles. Available for pick up only.

1 Case of Bottles with Caps = $9.75

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Fun Fact:

The tiny handles on these bottles are reminiscent of the days when maple syrup was packed in large five-pound earthenware containers. Back in those days, the handles obviously served an essential functional role. Today, the handles are more of a design element and marketing tool. The handle helps consumers recognize your product as being maple syrup because this style of bottle is unique to the maple syrup industry.  The tiny handle on these 12 oz bottles is called a “skeuomorph,” a retained yet non-functional stylistic feature.


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