Valve Assembly for Auto Draw Off System
Valve Assembly for Auto Draw Off System Optional Valve Fitting Assembly for Auto Draw-Off Systems

Auto Draw-Off Valve Assembly



  • Master Open/Close Valve
  • Manual Bypass
  • Connection for an Automated Draw-Off Valve

Note: Soft open/close Automated Draw-Off Valves are included with every Smoky Lake Auto Draw-Off System.



This is the suggested fitting configuration for use with an Auto Draw-Off System.

Please note the following points:

  • We recommend Teflon plumber’s tape on all connection threads to ensure a watertight seal and to prevent thread binding.
  • Never pull or put pressure on the Valve’s Control Head. Instead, grip the stainless steel part of the Automated Draw-Off Valve with a wrench to tighten.
  • Using the Master Open/Close Valve as a throttle, strive to draw off syrup in a slow, controlled stream. Make your draws as long and continuous as possible. This will help boost syrup quality and efficiency of operation.


This product may also be referred to as a “Fitting Kit” or “Fitting Assembly” in our literature.

Additional information

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What Type of Connection Do You Need?

3/4" NPT Pipe Thread, 1" NPT Pipe Thread, 1-1/2" Sanitary Clamp Fitting


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