Food Grade Collection Bag for Sap
Food Grade Collection Bag for Sap Sap Collection Bags - Filled to the top! Sap Collection Bags - Install Smoky Lake Sap Collection Bags video video

Sap Collection Bags with Gallon Markers, 25-Pack

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We searched high and low to find the very best bag manufacturer in America. We have also conducted extensive tests to verify and ensure strength and durability. These are amazing bags! 


  • Strong, 5 mil thickness
  • Food grade plastic
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Tinted blue (Makes them easier to locate in the woods)
  • Numbers are easily legible from a distance of 30+ feet away
  • Makes end-of-season clean up a breeze
  • Fits any standard-size bag holder
  • Great price
  • Made with pride in America

For bulk pricing, check out our FULL CASE option! (125 bags per case)

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Offered exclusively from Smoky Lake!


  • 5 mil
  • LDPE
  • Bottom Sealed
  • Tinted Blue for high visibility
  • Leak Proof
  • 3 month UVI
  • Approximate Dimension (when bag is flat) = 13-5/8″ wide x 24″ tall

Note: Some folks refer to this product as a “Sap Sak” or “Sap Sack”.

For best bulk pricing, check out our FULL CASE option! (125 bags per case)

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5 reviews for Sap Collection Bags with Gallon Markers, 25-Pack

  1. Lance

    Rating should be zero. In my opinion, this bag system is flawed as the thin bags cannot take the abuse of hanging on the tap on the side of the tree without getting abraded and failing. The primary purpose is to collect the sap and it does a miserable job. Of 25 bags, i cannot find more the 3 or 4 without a hole in it.
    I see no other reviews on this site and seeing that there is a youtube you folks put together about leaky bags, I can only imagine you are suppressing comments on the the failure of this system. I’m pretty sure this review will get trashed as well.
    Now I have to figure out what to do with 25 pcs of useless bag holders.

    • Angela

      Lance, Over the last week, we have been responding promptly, kindly and thoughtfully to all your inquiries. Your continued abrasiveness is very disheartening as we have done everything we could to help you identify the root cause of your issue and/or help you adapt your approach.

      We have rigorously tested this specific product and stand behind it. It is 5 mil which is already thicker than our competitors’ bags. As I said before, I would absolutely warranty any manufacturing defect in our bags. In this case, craftsmanship was not your issue. You are very hard on bags. Perhaps you are more of a bucket kind of guy?

      We will continue to be here for you as your partner in maple. We are hopeful that you will reconsider your rating after you have had some time to reflect.


  2. Ryan

    What? I LOVE these bags. A couple years ago, we had other bags from a different maple supplier that leaked at the bottom seal. I switched to these bags from Smokey Lake and haven’t had a problem since. They can hold the weight of 4 gallons of sap no problem. It makes my heart race when I see them all bulging with sap in the woods. Thanks, Smokey Lake!

    • Angela

      Thanks, Ryan. Thanks for taking the time to leave such nice feedback. I know what you mean when you say your heart races to see those full bags of sap! We can relate. Have a great season!

  3. Gina Geaudry

    I have been using these bags since I started making maple syrup several years ago. Their strength has actually surprised me on the occasions when the bags were overflowing and frozen. The only time I’ve had a bag fail was when a squirrel found an easy source of sugar by chewing through the bottom, or when I carelessly snagged a bag on one of the many thorny shrubs abundant through my woods. I am so confident in their sturdiness that these bags could very well be used for several years, if I were so inclined to put the time and effort into washing and drying them appropriately. Thank you for yet another high quality product, Smoky Lake!

    • Angela

      Gina, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such nice feedback. We truly appreciate it!

  4. Kevin

    I have used these bags for two years with no problems. They are strong and don’t leak. They can flap against the tree in strong winds one day while empty and be full of sap the next and I don’t have to worry about them holding up. As a previous reviewer stated, you could probably use them from one year to the next if you bothered to wash them up. I tap 25 trees each year and have had 100% success with these bags.

    • Angela

      Thanks, Kevin. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience! Have a great season!

  5. Les Srnka

    I am finishing up my second season of using these bags/holders and taps. I only wish I had known about these years ago. I was a “5 gal pail” guy before, and the ease and efficiency of using this system is outstanding. I have had no problems at all with bags being blown off trees, leaking or anything else.

    • Angela

      Good to hear, Les! Thanks for the nice review!

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