This is what the side wall and ramp of the firebox should look like when bricking is complete.

Overview of Corsair Bricking and Insulating Products


1 Case of Ceramic Blanket Insulation

  • 50 square feet (1″ thick x 2' wide x 25' long)
  • High tensile strength for longer life
  • Absolutely NO asbestos
  • No curing or dry out time
  • Rated up to 2600ºF (1425ºC)

Corsair Brick Kit

Smoky Lake Brick Batter (Hi Temp Mortar)

  • 1 gallon pail of high-temperature mortar
  • Includes mortaring instructions specific to maple evaporators

*If you add these items to an evaporator purchase, you will receive a discount.

$175.00 $99.00


One case of ceramic insulation contains 50 square feet and you will need 40 square feet to insulate your Corsair arch. The blanket is 1″ thick. BEST PRICE!

The Brick Kit contains 16 thick bricks and 19 thin bricks. It also includes an illustrated installation guide and cutting templates. A PRECUT brick option is available on the Brick Kit page.

The high temperature mortar comes in a 1 gallon pail. Using mortar on your fire bricks will make them a permanent installation. It is optional however. Some folks forgo the mortar so that they have the option of removing the bricks at a later date.

Bricks will make your evaporator much heavier which will make the arch more difficult to move around. Make sure the arch is in its final resting place before starting to brick your arch.

Ceramic Blanket Data Sheet


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