Dauntless-Hybrid-BETA Dauntless-Hybrid-Profile-BETA Assembled Dauntless Arch with Pipe
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Dauntless All-In-One Hybrid – Customize it!




Why is This Pan Listed As “Irregular”?

Our popular All-In-One Hybrid Pan models are tested and proven. However, this is the first time ever that our Hybrid design is being optimized for the Dauntless Arch. This is one of the first Dauntless Hybrid Pans ever created. We are still making adjustments here and there as described below.

We anticipate that this model will eventually replace our Dauntless Drop Flue Pan Set. The All-In-One Hybrid model will allow us to offer optional Hoods which are currently not an option for the Dauntless Drop Flue Pan Set.

The flues on this development model are longer than what we anticipate having on the final pan. The benefit of longer flues is enhanced heat exchange. However, in the future, shorter flues will allow more space for firewood in the firebox.

We also currently plan to enlarge both the back warming compartment and the two front syrup compartments for our final design.

The flues of the Dauntless All-In-One Hybrid can be drained using a simple siphon. If you are seeking a Hybrid pan that includes the drain manifold feature, please check out our Hybrid Hobby Pro Pans for Corsair Evaporators.

How is This Shipped?

This is a freight item. Please see our upcoming white glove carrier schedules for estimated delivery date. OR consider picking up at our headquarters in Hilbert, WI for quickest turn around and pick up discounts.


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