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2′ x 6′ Drop Flue Pan Set

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  • 2′ x 4′ Flue Pan with Drain Manifold
  • 2′ x 2′ Syrup Pan with Draw-Off Boxes and Instrument Ports
  • Float Box with all necessary fittings
  • Stainless Steel, Full Port Draw-Off Valve, and all necessary valves and fittings to operate
  • 3″ Dial Thermometer
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Discounts available

These items are available at discounted prices with the purchase of a 2×6 Drop Flue Pan.


This is a premium drop flue pan set for a 2′ x 6′ evaporator. It comes in two parts — the 2′ x 4′ flue pan and the 2′ x 2′ syrup pan — and it comes with a FREE draw-off valve and a 3″ dial thermometer. There are also several upgrade options — Float Box Assembly, Same Side Reverse Assembly and a Simplicity Auto Draw-Off System — available for a discount when you purchase this pan set.

2′ x 4′ Flue Pan

This pan is placed at the back of your arch, closest to the smoke stack.

  • 22 gauge, mirror finish stainless steel — It’s much more efficient than our competitors’ thicker gauges of stainless steel.
  • Ten 7″ drop flues — The more surface area you have, the more efficient your pan will be.
  • Drain manifold across the bottom near the back
  • Wall height is 14″ above the flues and arch top to contain the violent boil
  • Contoured walls add strength to the pan
  • Full length, built-in handles make it easy to pick up the pan
  • Mirror finish, stainless steel divider down the middle

2′ x 2′ Syrup Pan

This pan is placed at the front of your arch, above the firebox.

  • 22 gauge, mirror finish stainless steel — It’s much more efficient than our competitors’ thicker gauges of stainless steel.
  • Draw off boxes to promote positive drain
  • Wall height is 12″
  • Reversible flow — Alternate your draw off from the right side to the left side and vice versa to cut down on sugar sand buildup (or upgrade to the same side reverse system)
  • 3 compartments (or 4 compartments if upgrading to the same side reverse system)
  • FREE 3/4″ stainless steel, full port draw-off valve
  • FREE 3″ dial thermometer to monitor boiling temperature
  • FREE additional instrument port can be used with the Simplicity Auto Draw-Off System
  • Sanitary clamp fittings
  • Stainless steel, full port draw-off valve. NOT nickel plated.

Same Side Reverse

Reversing the flow of syrup in your front pan helps prevent the buildup of sugar sand. The “same side reverse” option for these pans costs enables you to easily reverse the flow without ever moving the pan or dealing with plugs. Reversing flow is as simple as swinging the handles of two stainless steel ball valves.


Float Box

Float Box

The float box connects to the pans with sanitary clamp fittings. The float box is 22ga mirror finish stainless steel. Comes with a micro adjustment so that you can fine tune your levels very precisely. The float itself is balanced and steady so there is no sloppy wobbling or bouncing.

Simplicity Auto Draw Off System

Simplicity Command Center

  • Customizable auto draw-off settings
  • Soft open and close draw-off to prevent surging and mixing
  • Food grade, stainless steel draw-off valve
  • Auto draw-off bypass switch to open valve at your command
  • Food grade, stainless steel syrup probe
  • Audible alarm
  • Two-year limited warranty


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I’m so sorry we cannot ship these pans to Canada for free. Please contact us for a quote.

Additional information

Float Box

Yes, please add a float box at a discount, No thanks

Same Side Reverse

Yes, please add the Same Side Reverse Assembly, No thanks

Auto Draw-Off System

Yes, please add a discounted Simplicity Auto Draw-Off System, No thanks

3 reviews for 2′ x 6′ Drop Flue Pan Set

  1. N Heath, CT

    The pans made the journey well they look to be in good shape. I set them up and they fit perfect and the craftsmanship looks top notch.

  2. C. Woyak, Wisconsin

    Regarding the new Smoky Lake pan:
    We absolutely are convinced it was the right decision to go with this pan! Thank you and your team for the awesome product. Our first year of use went without a hitch and it operated as designed to. Your advice in using this pan to setup and start up for initial use over my old flat pans was extremely helpful. Your offer to call you directly with any questions is also appreciated and exemplifies your commitment and passion to your product and the maple industry Jim! You cannot get that from a reseller/agent of maple products, its just not possible because the purchaser/user isn’t talking to the producer of the equipment, let alone the company owner.

    All too often on the maple internet sites there is general opinion and experience but not enough detail to support the actual scenario in which the equipment is being used. I am offering the detail of my hobbyist low budget operation so that the feedback on your product is provided in full disclosure of the reality that there is much more to performance of the pan than the pan itself:

    Recall I ordered and purchased for use on my existing 2×6 arch. The fit was very good and with your advice we went with your standard design. This resulted in a slight approx. 1 inch overhang at the firebox that didn’t get direct heat but we knew that was going to be the case when you and I planned the order. Your advice here was key during ordering: Craig consider that if you get bigger and we build a custom pan to exact fit your arch, resale application will be impacted. Excellent decision. Minor adjustments allowed me to use your standard pan on my existing Grimm arch. Other than the firebox minimal overhang, at the stack end, I placed a piece of diamond plate aluminum between the upper pan and the stack to keep the boiling sap from burning the upper pan side where sap bubbles up. That was it for fitting to my arch, other than utilizing rolled high temp insulation on the arch rails supporting the pan.

    • We don’t cook inside a fully enclosed cook house. We are outside under cover of a metal roof canopy with open side walls which we close up somewhat to minimize cooling effect of wind/draft. This is a factor in our efficiency of boil rate.
    • Our arch is wood fired antique Grimm arch insulated with fire brick in the fire box, and fiber board insulation up the flue pan area. The current insulation was set up for my flat pans. I did not consider adjusting the depth for the new drop flue pan. For this year, I will be adding insulation to minimize the gap and force the flame further through the flues and bottom of the pan.
    • We don’t run any kind of steam away or blowers on our fire box – all naturally aspirated, with plenty of air flow available. Steam rolls up to the ceiling and then out the sides into the atmosphere; again our open cook shack provides enough draftiness to escape the steam with minimized condensation on the steel roof.
    • Regarding arch fire and draft, typically we block up the bottom of the arch between ash pan perimeter and fire grate and just use the door vent propped open for air. Our ash pan sits on the ground under the firebox with about a 1-2 inch air space gap around perimeter between the ash pan and fire box arch.
    • We burn a mix of Red Maple, and mixed hardwoods, and sometimes pallet wood (2013 season when sap flow was outrageous!). Our wood is always dry and seasoned but we could improve by strictly burning higher BTU hardwood such as oak. This is a choice we make on availability in our woods.
    • We added a copper pre-heater off of the sap bulk tank and mininimized condensation into the sap pan by vertically angling the suspended preheater allowing gravity drip just off the side of the arch which worked out fine. I wouldn’t go smaller than 1/2″ copper, but it was enough flow (as long as enough head was in the sap tank) to keep the float box volume sufficient for our boil rate at max. boil.
    • We were able to dial in the pan level with the float box at fairly shallow depth at max boil down to the approx. one inch depth and set it a bit deeper when tasks required us to be distracted for short duration. We started out at 2″ or more as we learned the pan operation.
    • We tend to cook as much as possible daily and then shut down, so our efficiency is lower due to start up, and shut downs. We work day jobs too!
    • We are running 12-14′ of stack, 10″ diameter, and I think this is quite adequate. I don’t measure stack temps at this time.

    Smoky Lake pan performance:
    Overall we are impressed with the pan setup, function, and operation, not to mention as many others do – the beauty and craftsmanship of the pan. I have absolutely no regrets investing in the Smoky Lake Pan, and the product and you Jim represented and produced a product exactly as you specified, meeting my full expectations, not to mention getting the pan done for me in time for 2014! Sitting on my rusty antique arch it looks like a brand new race engine on the farm truck! Going to our drop flue combo pan with float box and manual draw off with temperature/syrup gauge, we know we were significantly more efficient than the two flat pan setup used prior years. I would recommend this pan setup to anyone making syrup who wants to move to the next level of efficiency and not quite ready to invest in upsizing the arch size yet. I would also recommend this setup over flat pans for any startup maple producer. The investment up front is well worth the efficiency gained and they are not difficult to operate compared to the flat pans; and much safer than batch operation over wood at in my experience.

    Year one Smoky Lake pan setup – most impressed with:

    • The float box and the ability to periodically draw off manually using the integrated Temp/syrup gauge!
    • The boil rate we are very satisfied with and will improve with our tweaks above for 2015. If I have to put a number on it, I think we approached 19 GPH at the high end, with an inefficient overall first year setup. I am thinking I can get another 15-20% or more with my tweaks (not anything to do with pan) for 2015. It’s all about ensuring the overall setup is dialed in to maximize what the pan is capable of. So many variables to dial in that impact the boil rate all add up in my experience to date. A producer cannot simply add a Smoky Lake drop flue pan and expect maximum efficiency without looking at all the details on the existing arch and setup. It takes experience, observation and continued improvement strategy to dial it all in.
  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    N Van Zeeland

    I purchased the Badgerland MapleWorks 2’x6′ drop flue pan/finishing pan set as well as the corresponding arch last week. We set it up this past weekend and the performance was surreal. Raw sap was at a rolling boil within 8-10 minutes from starting the fire and boil rate was 30-35 gallons per hour. That included us using some caution and tinkering as we were getting used to the apparatus. I also purchased the float box and Auto Draw and it worked very well. You can easily change the auto draw temp settings and the final tested Brix score was always between 66-67.

    To say the least, I highly recommend this unit to a hobbyist like me. We can now easily process 300+ gallons of sap during daylight hours in one day, unlike the entire weekend ordeal it had become on my primitive arch/pan setup. We currently have 110 taps and will likely add next season. This arch and pan set will handle it well.

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