Filters for Maple Syrup
Filters for Maple Syrup Flat Filter Set 8-Qt Orlon Cone Filter Cone Prefilters for Filtering Maple Syrup Cone Filter, 1 Quart

Filters and Prefilters

Smoky Lake offers two types of gravity-fed filters as well as filters for Filter Presses:

1) Flat Filters

We offer flat filters and prefilters separately in 3-ft x 3-ft sheets. We also offer complete sets of flat filters which we precut to fit your Smoky Lake Filter Tray perfectly. Our Flat Filter Sets are packaged with love and arrive at your doorstep ready to go.

2) Cone Filters/Prefilters

Great for beginners or those who are filtering very small amounts of syrup.



3) Filter Press Filters


Benefits of Cone Filters/Prefilters:

  1. Separates sugar sand and other unwanted debris from your beautiful, tasty syrup.
  2. Food grade and lint free.
  3. Reusable. Can be used year after year.
  4. Economical. No other equipment required for use. (See photo below.)
  5. Popular choice for beginners.

Filtering Maple Syrup


Benefits of Flat Filters:

  1. Separates sugar sand and other unwanted debris from your beautiful, tasty syrup.
  2. Food grade and lint free.
  3. Reusable. Can be used year after year.
  4. Smoky Lake Flat Filter Sets are precut to your required size.
  5. Smoky Lake Flat Filter Sets include one Orlon base filter AND 5 prefilters.
  6. Seamless transition from filtering to bottling. (Flat filters are laid inside a filter tray which is sits on top of your Smoky Lake bottler.)
  7. Easier Prefilter removal. (When the topmost flat prefilter gets clogged, it is really easy to shimmy it out; keeping all the debris on top of it and leaving all the syrup in the tray. In contrast, when using cone filters, your unfiltered syrup can become “trapped” inside the bag when it gets clogged. Pouring maple syrup out of the clogged cone prefilter can sometimes get a little messy and you may have problems with debris pouring out along with the syrup.)
  8. Since the majority of a flat filters’ surface area is being used to filter, it filters more efficiently. (Just the edge the flat filters will stick out of the filter tray so that you can grab/remove them when necessary. In contrast, only the bottom portion of a cone filter bag will actually be doing any filtering. You cannot fill a cone filter bag to the top because that would make it too difficult to remove a clogged prefilter. Also the large volume of syrup would be likely to cool too much before getting filtered through.

In conclusion, flat filters and the cone filters are made from the same types of food grade fabric and can both do a nice job filtering maple syrup. However, the flat filters – and the trays/pans they are used with – are a very nice upgrade. They will offer more convenience and efficiency.


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