1" Rail Gasket for Hobby Evaporators
1" Rail Gasket for Hobby Evaporators 1" Rail Gasket, Double Thick 1" Rail Gasket - Label
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Rail Gasket, 12′ Length, 1″ Width, DOUBLE THICK!


This Rail Gasket is a great add-on to help increase boiling efficiency.


  • 1″ Wide 
    Perfect width for the StarCat and Dauntless Arch rails!
  • 12′ Length
    A single roll will accommodate any StarCat or Dauntless Evaporator
  • Double Thickness
    Extra cushion for superior gasketing
  • Adhesive Backing
    Gasket will stay put so that you can place your pan(s) with ease
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The width of this DOUBLE THICK Rail Gasket is specially designed for use with StarCat and Dauntless Evaporators, but could certainly be used for other evaporators as well. The gasket includes an adhesive backing, so it will stay in place while you set your pans on top of your arch.


Cut the Rail Gasket to length and lay each strip FLAT, adhesive side down on the Arch rails. Place your Pan(s) on top of the Rail Gasket. This will prevent air from being pulled under your Pan(s) which would cool them down.


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