Sight Glass Connected to Draw-Off Port
Sight Glass Connected to Draw-Off Port Sight Glass – Alternative Configuration. Connect to Sap Inlet Port. Sight Glass - Alternative Configuration. Connect to Sap Inlet Port.

Deluxe Sight Glass for Draw-Off Port (3/4″ fittings)

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This Sight Glass will measure sap level in your evaporator pan. By maintaining at least 2″ depth in your pan, you will protect both your syrup and your pan from scorching.  This Sight Glass configuration works excellent on pans that have a 3/4″ NPT port.

  • Solid stainless steel base
  • Anti-turbulence orifice to keep the liquid in the sight glass steady even during a rolling boil
  • The glass is fire polished and shatter-resistant
  • The measurement sticker can be placed by you to ensure the level is perfectly calibrated
  • Illustrated instruction sheet

NOTE: There are TWO possible configurations with this kit; connecting to either your pan’s Draw-Off Port OR Sap Inlet Port. In either scenario, this Sight Glass kit is intended to work in tandem with parts from your Pan Accessory Kit. A third configuration is possible if an additional Valve and Nipple are added. Parts that are not bundled within the Sight Glass Kit are ghosted in the images on this page (ie Valves, Close Nipples, Hex Plugs).

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The base is solid stainless steel with an anti-turbulence orifice to keep the liquid steady within the sight glass while there is a rolling boil in the pan it is connected to. The glass is fire polished and shatter-resistant. The scale can be placed by you to ensure the level is perfectly calibrated to your pan.

This Sight Glass configuration will still allow you to draw off syrup from this port. You will just have the added benefit of being able to see your pan’s sap level.

NOTE: Always keep your sap level at about 2″ depth to prevent scorching of your syrup and pan. If your Sight Glass indicates that you have 1″ depth, that actually means that you have 1″ OR LOWER, and you should add sap right away.

Instructions for 2023 Model Sight Glass (Updated 7/28/23)



If you do not have a 3/4″ Draw-Off Port, see our Sight Glasses for 1/2″ Draw-Off Ports or Sight Glasses for Float Boxes.



(NOTE: This part list was improved in Summer, 2023 to reduce the number of threaded connections requiring thread tape. A legacy parts list from 2022 is available HERE.)

  • Instruction Sheet
  • Fire Polished Glass Tube
  • Measurement Sticker
  • Base Seat with TWO O-Rings
  • ONE 3/4″ Elbow
  • ONE 1/2″ Street Elbow
  • ONE 3/4″ x 3/4″ x 1/2″ Tee
  • TWO 2-1/2″ Nipples
    (NOTE: In some kits, one of these nipples may be 3″ length. If so, attach the 3″ nipple to your pan port.)

CONFIGURATION OPTIONS: This kit works in tandem with your existing Pan Accessory Kit and offers two different configuration options right out of the box. There is also a third configuration option which allows you to isolate the Sight Glass so that it can be drained independently from the pan. This third option connects to your pan’s Sap Inlet Port. It utilizes an additional Valve with two Close Nipples. (see Option 3 on the Instruction Sheet for details.)

Additional information

Connection Options

Connect to Draw-Off Port, Connect to Float Box

5 reviews for Deluxe Sight Glass for Draw-Off Port (3/4″ fittings)

  1. James button jr

    Workmanship was good. Assembly was easy. However to maintain the level in the sight when drawing off you have to have a very small stream. Like a trickle. Open it even more it loses the level. Works great other than that.

    • Angela

      Hi James, thanks for touching base.

      It is best practice to draw off your syrup in long, slow, controlled steams. So it is a good thing that you draw off slowly. That being said, if you do draw off syrup faster, the sight glass will automatically re-level itself as soon as you are done drawing off.

      Alternatively, some folks do like to attach this sight glass on the INLET port of their divided pan rather than the draw-off. This sight glass is very versatile in that way. Perhaps that would address your concern? To attach to the inlet port, simply use your pan’s stainless steel inlet plug at the bottom of the sight glass assembly’s “T” fitting. That way you can keep your draw-off valve at the draw off port. You can see what this looks like in this Facebook Live Video we shot this year:

  2. Jerome P

    This is a MUST HAVE. There is no other good way to monitor the depth with all that boiling and steam in the pan.

  3. Steve H

    Ka zow! Ask me my depth. I know it now. How you like dat?

  4. hope4thepride

    Again and again, the wonderful folks over at Smoky Lake have provided a high-quality, affordable option that helped make my first “real” syrup season (12 gallons) not only stress-free, but actually a lot of fun! Between this sight-glass and the feed pan, maintaining the proper level of sap in the pan at all times was a breeze. Thanks, guys!

    • Angela

      Thank you very much for the feedback. We are happy when you are happy.

  5. Ken Farwick

    First season with a new dauntless divided pan set up and I don’t know how I would have been able to keep accurate sap level without this. A must have for any Smokey lake evaporator.

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