Check List

Start-Up List For Your Evaporator

Before you start your fire, make sure to run through the items on this list. Not all of these items may be applicable to you depending on what type of pan and accessories you are using, but these are all items that will help you protect your pans and prevent damage. If the sap level gets too low in your pans, your pans could warp or scorch. Keep 1–2 inches covering the entire bottom of your pan. Never leave your evaporator unattended.

  1. Thaw float box
  2. Thaw your bottle of defoamer (or have vegetable oil handy)
  3. Fill your head tank with sap
  4. Open and check head tank valve
  5. Uncover stacks
  6. Check float box for flow
  7. Check auto draw off system
    • Alarm ON
    • Stack temperature monitor ON
    • Set draw off to AUTO
    • Make sure syrup probe is clean and inserted properly into the finishing pan
  8. Turn on any other warning systems you may have
  9. Check level in flue pan
  10. Check level in syrup pan
  11. Make sure sap pump is hooked up, thawed, primed
  12. Make sure sap filter is assembled and thawed
  15. Watch for foam in pans
  16. Set timer or watch stack temperature to know when to add more fuel.