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Smoky Lake is a manufacturer of premium, stainless steel maple equipment at our headquarters in Hilbert, Wisconsin. Our handcrafted equipment has been internationally recognized for its artistry, intelligent design and ingenuity. We simplified density testing with the Murphy Compensation Cup and we cut down on forest fires with our Concentric Exhaust System. We’ve created beautiful wood-fired evaporators – The Corsair and The Silverplate – whose boiling rates put the competition to shame. We are a young, innovative company with a ravenous hunger to move the industry forward. This Is What It Boils Down To…™

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Selecting the Perfect Hobby Maple Evaporator…

We understand shopping for a hobby evaporator can feel overwhelming! Our website allows you to easily narrow down hobby evaporators based on the number of taps you have, pan style and/or price. No sweat! After you select one of the recommended hobby evaporators, our website will guide you through customizing it to perfectly suit your needs and preferences. Of course, if you still have questions, feel free to call our shop at (920) 202-4500.

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