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Gas-Fired Finisher Arches

A bench-top, high efficiency gas-fired heating system dedicated solely to the purpose of evaporating sap and finishing syrup.

Available in Two Sizes

This is the quantity of air-cooled Jet Burners.



LP Fuel Consumption
This fuel estimate applies to the Propane option.

5.5 lb of LP per hour at a moderate rate of fire

9 lb of LP per hour at a moderate rate of fire

Evaporation Rate*
Average number of gallons evaporated per hour while boiling.

4-5 GPH

10-12 GPH

Room Temp Sap to Boil Time**
Average amount of time required to bring 2" of sap to a boil.

Under 8 minutes

Under 8 minutes

*This rate is approximate as there are many variables to consider. The estimate assumes a moderate rate of fire.
**This estimate assumes your sap depth is 2 and under a moderate rate of fire. Adding depth will increase time to reach boil.

Looking For a Different Type of Evaporator?

StarCat Arch
PRICE $930.00
Dauntless Arch
PRICE $1,350.00
Liberator Arch
STARTING AT $4,250.00

Available in a variety of sizes. Choose from oil or gas fuel types.