Evaporator Pans

Beautiful, well-designed pans made out of mirror finish, 22 gauge stainless steel. Handcrafted in Northeastern Wisconsin by Smoky Lake Maple Products.

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What to Expect from Smoky Lake Evaporator Pans

  1. EXCEPTIONAL CRAFTSMANSHIP: Our handcrafted pans are the most beautiful pans in the industry.

  2. MIRROR FINISH STAINLESS STEEL: This beautiful metal is both rust resistant and food safe. The material is 22 gauge which promotes far superior heat transfer in comparison to thicker gauges. We do NOT work with dirtier metals such as galvanized steel or aluminum which have a shorter life expectancy.

  3. TIG WELDS: Every seam is masterfully TIG welded using specialized tooling and comes with a lifetime guarantee. We will NEVER solder any of our stainless steel equipment as soldering is less durable and more likely to spring leaks.

  4. FOOD SAFE SHINE: On the inside of the pans, we use specialized, custom tools to block stains from appearing from welding. This means the part of your pan which comes in contact with your syrup retains its beautiful shine throughout the entire fabrication process without need for treatment from unnatural polishing agents.

  5. EASY-TO-CLEAN FITTINGS: All draw-off ports and other ports are welded from the inside of the pan rather than from the outside. This method eliminates an impossible-to-clean crevice as can be found on many competitor pans.