UPDATED 2-8-21: Due to extreme demand, all Smoky Lake hobby evaporators are experiencing extended lead times:

  • StarCat Evaporators 7+ weeks
  • Dauntless Evaporators with Flat or Divided Pans 9+ weeks
  • Dauntless Evaporators with Drop Flue Pan Sets 13+ weeks

We would be honored for the opportunity to handcraft these popular products just for you. We thank you for your patience as we are working as efficiently as possible to serve you. The fastest/best way to secure your name in the queue is to order here on the website. Orders will be filled in the order in which they are received. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. We promise it will be worth the wait.

The StarCat Maple Syrup Evaporator packs a surprising punch. This feisty, high-efficiency wood-fired evaporator is capable of 8 gallons per hour evaporation rate. The StarCat is a breakthrough solution for the backyard hobby maple syrup producer who wants an affordable, yet highly effective, machine to process maple sap into maple syrup. As with all of our Evaporators, the StarCat features an air-tight front and air-tight loading door to maximize firewood efficiency and evaporation rate. A precision draft control allows you to throttle combustion air and shut down completely if necessary. The Arch (firebox) of the StarCat will come to you in a series of cardboard crates. You will need to assemble the arch and paint it, all hardware and special spray paint is included. All Ceramic Fiber Insulation for inside the arch and door will be included in this package. The only thing you’ll need to add will be exactly 20 firebricks. No brick cutting will be necessary. The pan is as professional as the arch. It is built out of 22 gauge, mirror finish stainless steel and is fully TIG welded with lifetime limited warranty on the welds. Smoky Lake has built the best maple syrup pans in the world for the past 10 years. A valve and dial thermometer are included. Other than the 20 firebricks which you can buy from your local home store, this is a turn-key evaporator.

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