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Shipping Support

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Order Status

When Will I Have My Order?

How to Track an Order?

Tracking numbers are automatically emailed to the email address that you provided with the order. If you have not received a tracking number within the expected lead time, please check your email spam folder.

You can also log into your account or visit our Production and Lead Times page to check order status.

Tracking Ground Shipments:

If your order is traveling with a White Glove Carrier, you will not have a tracking number. Rather, you will be notified by email when we have determined a truck will be heading to your area soon, and then we will contact you again when the truck leaves our shop. After that, the driver will be in touch with you directly as they travel. Please see “Freight Orders” for more details.

White Glove Carrier Schedule/Route

We post our upcoming White Glove Carrier delivery routes on our Product Lead Times Page.

Additional routes are being planned all the time. So if you miss a truck, have no fear. More routes will be coming soon. If need be, we can execute an alternate delivery method.

Free Shipping Overview


Location Eligibility

We offer free shipping on most products within the continental USA. We offer discounted shipping rates to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and beyond.

Each of the various options for freight shipments have their own location requirements/parameters as described in the freight section of this page.

For any shipment that falls outside the parameters of our free shipping program, we will collect payment for the discounted shipping cost in a separate transaction once we have the shipping quote available. I’m sorry our website does not know how to calculate discounted shipping costs ahead of time.

To avoid any international shipping charge, some Canadian customers have their order shipped to the border for free and then they carry the equipment across the border themselves. You will just need to provide a valid US address — such as a UPS Store — and we will provide the free delivery to your specified location.

Sorry, we can NOT accept a PO Box as a shipping address because most of our carriers are not able to deliver to a PO Box.

Products Eligible for Free Shipping

There are only a few exceptions of products whose prices do not include free shipping. (Example = Pallet quantities of glass bottles and reverse osmomsis systems/parts). Whenever extra shipping must be charged, we will collect payment for shipping in a separate transaction once we have a discounted shipping quote available.

Changing the Destination Address

If you request/require us to cancel or reroute your shipment after it has been scheduled or picked up, you will be responsible for any/all fees associated with making those changes. The fee will vary from carrier to carrier. Please understand that after a package has left our hands, we cannot guarantee that a re-route is possible, but we will do what we can to help.

Undeliverable Packages

If a shipment is undeliverable and/or returned to us, the customer is responsible for any/all fees associated with that shipment.

Smoky Lake will reach out to you to see how you would like to proceed.

  • Option 1: Cancel the order. (See our Cancellation/Refund policy.)
  • Option 2: Pay a discounted shipping rate so that Smoky Lake can re-ship the package to an alternative, valid shipping address.

Splitting Shipments

Signing for Packages

Although Smoky Lake does not request signatures, the carrier may decide to require a signature for various reasons.

If the carrier requires a signature, but nobody is available to sign, the carrier may hold your package temporarily at their facility and require you to pick it up. If you do not pick it up within a “reasonable” amount of time, the package will be labeled as undeliverable. In that case, you would still be responsible for any shipping costs we had incurred and/or the cost of return shipping if applicable. (See Undeliverable Packages)

If you have a Freight Order, please see “How To Receive Freight” for more important information.

Expedited Shipping

Free Freight Delivery Program

Which Orders Travel As Freight?

Generally speaking, freight refers to anything larger than a 2 x 4 Flat Pan, or larger than a Full Pint Hybrid Pan.

While it is most common for the Dauntless and StarCat Evaporators to be shipped via FedEx Ground, we will still opt to deliver these hobby evaporators via our White Glove Carrier Network if there is a route heading through your area.

How Are Freight Carriers Selected?

Freight shipments will be scheduled within our white glove carrier network whenever possible. Alternatively, Smoky Lake also works with commercial carriers such as Dayton Freight, FedEx Freight, etc.

For the Free Freight shipping offer, we offer THREE options. Below, we outline the benefits and considerations for each option and the logistical requirements of each: White Glove Carrier Network , Common Carrier, and Freight Terminal Pick Up below.

White Glove Carrier Network (Preferred)

BENEFITS: This is the safest way to ship freight, and allows us to provide a much more personal experience. Hence, this is always our preferred method of delivery. These drivers specialize in carrying maple equipment and they bend over backwards to accommodate our customers whenever possible. These drivers are great about calling ahead of time and keeping you informed as they make their way through their route (assuming cell reception is available). They are also happy to accommodate residential delivery whenever logistically possible. (See WHITE GLOVE CARRIER REQUIREMENTS below).

CONSIDERATIONS: White glove carrier routes are limited. You may need to be patient while we plan and schedule a route through your particular area. Also, white glove carriers go from house to house to house, moving as swiftly as possible. Hence, they do not have the luxury of scheduling very specific appointment times with you. They will give you their best estimate regarding their arrival time and they will keep you posted as they travel.

WHITE GLOVE CARRIER REQUIREMENTS: Please be kind and flexible. Remember, these drivers are doing everything they can to accommodate your wishes. These drivers are often towing large trailers or driving semi trucks. Due to the realities of maneuvering these larger rigs, your delivery address MUST meet the below criteria to ensure smooth delivery.

  • Street and/or driveway must allow a semi trailer to pass and TURN AROUND fully and easily.
  • Streets must be suitable / safe to drive a heavy semi trailer upon. For example, bumpy gravel roads and pot holes are notorious for damaging trailers and the cargo within them.
  • Alert the driver if there is any nearby road construction/closures, bridges with low clearance, steep hills or any other obstacle. Remember, that the driver does not know your area as well as you do. Make sure they are on the best route to find you efficiently and safely!
  • Some locations — such as the state of New York — do not allow semi traffic on residential streets. Please provide a commercial address or alternate drop point that offers easy access for a semi trailer. Speaking from experience, it’s no fun when our drivers get pulled over and receive fines.
  • Some locations — such as New Jersey and Long Island — have such a high volume of tolls and other obstacles that our white glove carriers typically decline to travel to these areas. If you are in an area such as this, we have more options below.
  • All equipment MUST be paid in full before delivery. In some cases we may accept payment at time of delivery. If payment is “in the mail” at the time of delivery, a new check must be provided or the order will not be unloaded.
  • Smoky Lake will make ONE delivery attempt. If delivery cannot be made, then the customer must forfeit their free shipping. Additional shipping fees will be calculated on a case by case basis.

Common Carrier

BENEFITS: Common Carriers can sometimes reach locations that our white glove carrier routes cannot. They also have more regularly timed routes. You will receive a tracking number. Equipment is palletized.

CONSIDERATIONS: We can do non-rural commercial addresses with this option, but NOT residential. (See COMMON CARRIER REQUIREMENTS below). Often with a common carrier, the pallets are transferred to several different trucks before reaching the destination. For the safety of your equipment, we will do our best to limit the amount of handling and find a carrier with most direct route.


  • NON-RURAL, COMMERCIAL ADDRESS: Farms, churches and schools do NOT fit this parameter, unfortunately. Trust us, we’ve tried this many times! The freight carrier has the last say in whether or not an address is “commercial” according to their own definition.
  • OPEN, EASY ACCESS: Common freight carriers will consider a gated facility or a school to be “limited access” for example. We need to remove any barriers to allow these carriers to get in and out quickly.
  • LOADING DOCK AND/OR FORKLIFT REQUIRED: This allows freight to be pulled off the semi much more smoothly.
  • LOCATION: Just as with White Glove Carriers, there may be some unique locations that are cost prohibitive for Common Carrier to travel to. If this option does not work, see Freight Terminal Pick Up below.
  • SIZE: Evaporators require specialized, custom crates for this shipping method. Evaporators longer than 6 feet will not fit in these specialized crates.
  • DELIVERY ATTEMPTS: The carrier will make ONE delivery attempt. Customer will be responsible for any additional carrier fees incurred in the event of a failed delivery attempt, or additional delivery attempts.
  • See “How to Receive Freight” and other information below.

Freight Terminal Pick Up

BENEFITS: This is great for folks whose delivery address does not work for White Glove Carriers nor Common Carriers. Work with the terminal to schedule a pick up time that works best for you.

CONSIDERATIONS: Terminals can not hold your equipment for extended periods of time. If you do not pick up your order in a timely fashion, they may need to charge a storage fee OR send the pallet back to Smoky Lake. (Requirements vary by carrier.) We can only send freight to an “approved” terminal for our free freight program. (Unapproved terminals may either be unavailable or may require an additional shipping charge.)


  • We will give you all the contact information for the terminal, as well as tracking number. Please work directly with the terminal to arrange a pick up time.
  • Please make sure your truck/trailer is large enough to transport your equipment safely before arriving at the terminal.
  • Bring tie-downs and moving blankets/tarps so that you can move your equipment safely. If applicable, bring your own drill and hooks to secure attachment points within your trailer. We also recommend bringing head lamps to make it easier to load inside of a dark, enclosed trailer.
  • If using an open trailer, it is often wise to check the weather report before pick up.
  • See “How to Receive Freight” and other information below.

Options Outside The Free Freight Program

If you prefer to work outside the parameters of our free shipping options (White Glove Carrier, Common Carrier, Freight Terminal Pick Up), please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your wishes. Once we identify the best solution for your situation, we will provide you with a discounted shipping quote to be paid before shipping.

How To Receive Freight

Inspect Before Signing

FREIGHT SHIPMENTS MUST BE INSPECTED FOR DAMAGE BEFORE YOU SIGN FOR THE SHIPMENT. When you sign your name on the freight carrier’s delivery slip you are stating that the freight has arrived in perfect condition, and you are releasing the freight carrier of any liability. Smoky Lake Maple Products, LLC will be unable to recover any insurance money or offer any replacements or discounts if you sign without noting any damages on the delivery slip.

If your product is damaged in freight shipping, make sure the damage is noted in detail on the delivery slip and then contact us IMMEDIATELY with photos of the damage.

Unloading From the Truck

Most often, the driver will NOT be able to remove your order from the truck by themselves. It will be YOUR responsibility to have 2 – 4 strong, able-bodied adults available to assist with unloading/receiving the equipment from the semi.

A forklift will be required if:

  • Your order is traveling with a common carrier
  • You ordered an evaporator that is 8 feet long or larger

If your evaporator is traveling with a White Glove Carrier, the evaporator will not be on a pallet. In this case, the driver will facilitate unloading your shipment in smaller bundles to make handling easier. For example, with an evaporator delivery, you would unload the hood first, the pan second, then the stack pipe, etc.


Please understand there are certain limitations of each delivery method.

Understand your delivery method in the “Free Freight Delivery Program” section above.

Limited Access Locations

Upon delivery, if a driver determines that your location is too small or restricted for their vehicle/trailer, or if the road/driving conditions are deemed unsuitable, then the driver may need you to receive your delivery at an alternate location. Please understand that this is not the fault of the driver nor Smoky Lake. These deliveries can be logistically challenging for a large vehicle/trailer. By working together, we can get your equipment delivered safely.

Testimonials Related to Freight

Whether your shipment goes without a hitch or you think something could be improved, do not hesitate to contact us to share. This helps us determine the right carriers for future deliveries and it also helps us understand each carrier’s strengths/weaknesses.

If you would like to leave a formal, public testimonial about your freight shipment — whether good or bad — please review the actual carrier directly rather than rating Smoky Lake for the delivery. That way, that company will hear your voice and Smoky Lake will not be rated for a service it did not perform.

Please understand that most often, the freight carriers are NOT Smoky Lake employees. Please do not expect your delivery driver to set up your equipment. Please call Smoky Lake headquarters for any equipment-related questions.

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