Remembering Steve Mader

Our hearts are all extremely heavy today as we mourn the passing of our friend and coworker, Steve Mader. Steve was one of Smoky Lake’s first employees, joining our team while we were still working out of a residential garage. It was just a few months ago, that the entire Smoky Lake crew — including […]

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Interview with Sugarmaker and US Navy Officer, Mark Metzger Smoky Lake: In which branch of the military did you serve and what was your role there? Mark: U.S. Navy–28 years active duty.  I was a nuclear-trained Surface Warfare Officer and had command of a guided missile frigate Smoky Lake: In what locations have you served? Have […]

American Flag

Happy Memorial Day!

Expressing Our Gratitude… This Memorial Day, we originally planned to spotlight our customer Mark Metzger, a very kind and humble sugar maker from Illinois who served our country in the US Navy. Mark is such a great guy and we had hoped Memorial Day would be a good opportunity to express our gratitude for all […]

Mathew Wilkenson

Happy Veterans Day, Mathew Wilkinson!

Happy Veterans Day! Today We Honor Our Fellow Sugar Maker, Mathew Wilkinson, For The Service And Sacrifices He Has Made For Our Country. Interview with Mathew Wilkinson: This interview was conducted on Sept 6, 2018 between Jenny Blohm, Smoky Lake Office Manager, and our fellow sugar maker, Lieutenant Colonel Mathew Wilkinson. Jenny: In which branch of the […]

Red Maple Range

Is It Time to Embrace the Red Maple?

As sap collectors and syrup producers, the time has come to plan for and embrace the red maple tree in our endeavors. The species is becoming more and more prolific in our forests and this trend has been noticed over the last 100 years. How do we adjust? The red maple is also known as […]

Kate Cooke

Sugar Maker and US Air Force Veteran, Kate Cooke

Happy Veterans Day! Today We Honor Our Fellow Sugar Maker, Kate Cooke, For The Service And Sacrifices She Made For Our Country. Interview October 27, 2017: Angela: Kate, thank you for your service. I’d love to learn more about it. In which branch did you serve? Kate: I served in the US Air Force from […]

Green Husks

The Hickory Tree

Commonly referred to as “shag bark trees”, there is no denying that the Hickory Tree looks very different from our beloved maples, but I would argue that they are equally fascinating. Just like maple trees, the hickory can be used to make a delicious syrup. However – unlike maple syrup – hickory syrup is made by boiling hickory bark. No sap required! […]

Sycamore tree found in Bensheim, Germany

Is That A Maple Tree?

Hello from Bensheim, Germany! I took a nice walk today and leisurely surveyed the landscape as I strolled along. The sun was out, birds were singing German love songs and all was right with the world. La la la. And then Bam! Something caught my eye that stopped me dead in my tracks… Is that a MAPLE LEAF […]

Sugarmaker's Companion

National Library Week, April 9 – 15, 2017

This week is National Library Week! In celebration of this special week, Smoky Lake is sending a special donation/grant to the Public Library in Williamsburg, Ohio. The funds will be used for children’s reading programs and/or adding additional maple books to their circulation. Are there any maple books you would recommend for the Library? Are there any […]

Miscoe Hill Maple

Maple Fever on Miscoe Hill.

Meet Bert Stewart of Miscoe Hill Maple. It all started back in 2010. Bert and his family were living in Vermont at the base of Round Hill. He started by tapping 12 trees with buckets and then bringing the sap to his friend’s house to be boiled. Soon later he increased to 60 taps on buckets… Then 145 taps […]