Happy Veteran’s Day 2024

Today we’d like to give a special shout out to our fellow sugar maker, Veteran Janet Geller-Lesko. We were honored for the opportunity to interview Janet for this article and share some of her experiences — both as a United States Navy Veteran, and a sugar maker. Janet Geller-Lesko US Navy Veteran Thanks for joining […]

Smoky Lake Goes To Austria

Smoky Lake owner, Angela Schumacher, was delighted for the unique opportunity to share our love of maple syrup with the youth of St Johann, Austria this May. The students’ first language is German, but they also speak English extremely well. Language was no barrier, and the love of maple knows no boundaries! It was especially […]


Veteran Michael Martucci

On this Veteran’s Day, we give a special shout out to two of our fellow sugar makers, Veterans Mike and Lisa Martucci. If you ever have the pleasure of talking with Mike or Lisa, you will quickly find that they are super interesting, ambitious people who are extremely passionate about natural foods and agriculture. We […]

Nick Kruse - Veteran's Day

Happy Veterans Day, 2021!

Thank you to ALL veterans for their dedication and service to our country. On this Veteran’s Day, we also want to give special shout out to Smoky Lake’s Elite Craftsman, Nick Kruse, who served in the United States Navy. We feel pretty darn lucky to have Nick on our team! What a Guy! Nick Kruse! […]


Remembering Steve Mader

Our hearts are all extremely heavy today as we mourn the passing of our friend and coworker, Steve Mader. Steve was one of Smoky Lake’s first employees, joining our team while we were still working out of a residential garage. It was just a few months ago, that the entire Smoky Lake crew — including […]

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Interview with Sugarmaker and US Navy Officer, Mark Metzger Smoky Lake: In which branch of the military did you serve and what was your role there? Mark: U.S. Navy–28 years active duty.  I was a nuclear-trained Surface Warfare Officer and had command of a guided missile frigate Smoky Lake: In what locations have you served? Have […]

American Flag

Happy Memorial Day!

Expressing Our Gratitude… This Memorial Day, we originally planned to spotlight our customer Mark Metzger, a very kind and humble sugar maker from Illinois who served our country in the US Navy. Mark is such a great guy and we had hoped Memorial Day would be a good opportunity to express our gratitude for all […]

Mathew Wilkenson

Happy Veterans Day, Mathew Wilkinson!

Happy Veterans Day! Today We Honor Our Fellow Sugar Maker, Mathew Wilkinson, For The Service And Sacrifices He Has Made For Our Country. Interview with Mathew Wilkinson: This interview was conducted on Sept 6, 2018 between Jenny Blohm, Smoky Lake Office Manager, and our fellow sugar maker, Lieutenant Colonel Mathew Wilkinson. Jenny: In which branch of the […]

Red Maple Range

Is It Time to Embrace the Red Maple?

As sap collectors and syrup producers, the time has come to plan for and embrace the red maple tree in our endeavors. The species is becoming more and more prolific in our forests and this trend has been noticed over the last 100 years. How do we adjust? The red maple is also known as […]

Kate Cooke

Sugar Maker and US Air Force Veteran, Kate Cooke

Happy Veterans Day! Today We Honor Our Fellow Sugar Maker, Kate Cooke, For The Service And Sacrifices She Made For Our Country. Interview October 27, 2017: Angela: Kate, thank you for your service. I’d love to learn more about it. In which branch did you serve? Kate: I served in the US Air Force from […]