Superior Sweetness Contest Rules

Convert Your Cost of Admission into Shiny, New Maple Equipment! NEW at this year’s NAMSC/IMSI Annual Convention, participants may enter for a chance to WIN a $75 gift certificate for ($75 is approximately the daily cost of the Full Convention Registration.) ONE NEW WINNER will be randomly selected EACH DAY of the trade show! […]


Submit a Video

For the 2019 Video Contest, here is a Step by Step guide showing how to submit the video using a smartphone. First, before you create your video, be sure to check out our 2019 contest rules and video guidelines. When your video is complete, upload it to your YouTube account. Add description and keywords when prompted. […]


2019 Video Contest

It’s time for our 4th annual video contest with bigger weekly prizes than ever before. This year’s theme is HAPPINESS! Show us the things that make your maple season a delight. Each Friday between March 22 – April 12 the Smoky Lake crew will vote on their favorite video entry and we’ll spin the prize […]

Mathew Wilkenson

Happy Veterans Day, Mathew Wilkinson!

Happy Veterans Day! Today We Honor Our Fellow Sugar Maker, Mathew Wilkinson, For The Service And Sacrifices He Has Made For Our Country. Interview with Mathew Wilkinson: This interview was conducted on Sept 6, 2018 between Jenny Blohm, Smoky Lake Office Manager, and our fellow sugar maker, Lieutenant Colonel Mathew Wilkinson. Jenny: In which branch of the […]

Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Fruity Maple Smoothie Bowls

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube lately. Videos about healthy eating and such. A couple of those videos recommended making “Smoothie Bowls” for breakfast but I wasn’t completely sure what a Smooth Bowl was. So on a recent visit with my sister, Jessica, she showed me how it’s done. She rummaged through her freezer […]

Red Maple Range

Is It Time to Embrace the Red Maple?

As sap collectors and syrup producers, the time has come to plan for and embrace the red maple tree in our endeavors. The species is becoming more and more prolific in our forests and this trend has been noticed over the last 100 years. How do we adjust? The red maple is also known as […]


How to Submit a Video Via Smartphone

We have had many folks tell us that they have a great video to share in our video contest, but they can’t figure out how to post the video to our Facebook page. Here is a Step by Step guide which will show how to submit the video using a smartphone. First, before you create […]

2018 Video Contest

2018 Video Contest

This is maple season! Time to shake off the cabin fever and have some fun. Bring on the excitement of “juicy trees”, roaring evaporators and crystal clear, beautiful maple syrup… This is our 3rd annual video contest and we’re offering bigger weekly prizes than ever before. Each Friday between March 16 – April 6 the […]

Steam Train

Four Ways to Harness the Power of Heat

A few years ago, on a cold December evening, a massive, vintage steam train rolled into my hometown as part of an American history tour. Steam trains have become so rare that I imagine seeing this locomotive was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Jim and me… There is not a sugar maker alive […]

Happy Holidays

Gifts for Beginners

Why Is Maple Equipment the Perfect Christmas Gift? Maple season is not just about the maple syrup. This is a time to reconnect. Not just with nature but also with each other. Maple season brings people together. There is really nothing else quite like it! If you need help choosing the perfect item for your […]