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  • Stainless Steel Cart

    Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cart

  • StarCat Evaporator

    StarCat™ Arch (Without Pan)

  • 16 x 30 Gas-Fired Finisher/Evaporator

    16″ x 30″ Gas-Fired Finisher/Evaporator (Without Pan)

    From: $995.00
  • Assembled Dauntless Arch with Pipe

    Dauntless Arch (Without Pan) – Customize It!

  • Gas-Fired Evaporator with Regulator and Stack Pipe Included

    2′ x 4′ Gas-Fired Finisher/Evaporator (Without Pan)

    From: $1,485.00
  • Corsair Arch (Without Pan) – Customize It!

    From: $2,900.00
  • Liberator Arch, Oil-Fired (Without Pans) – Customize It!

  • Liberator Arch, Gas-Fired (Without Pans) – Customize It!

  • Silverplate Arch SL-SPARCH2472RF

    Silverplate Arch (Without Pan) – Customize It!

    From: $5,650.00