Smoky Lake Maple Products, LLC reserves the right to update/clarify/edit these terms at any time. The below terms apply to customers and sales from this website only. These terms do not apply to our dealers. These terms apply to purchases on smokylakemaple.com and do NOT apply to EBAY or Craigslist sales.

SALES TAX: According to IRS Publication 201, Section C, customers from Wisconsin MUST pay sales tax UNLESS they send us a valid sales tax exemption form. Sales tax rate is figured based on the shipping address.


If you have purchased a larger/heavier item (ie. any pan larger than a 2×4 flat pan), please see the FREIGHT SHIPPING section below.

Most NON-freight products ship within 48 hours unless otherwise specified on the product’s detail page. If you have not received the email with tracking number within that time period, please feel free to contact us. If your product is not immediately available for shipment we will notify you with the estimated time of shipment.

If your product is damaged in shipping, you must contact us IMMEDIATELY with photos of the damage. Failure to notify us immediately will result in us not being able to exchange or refund. Help us help you.


Regarding FREE Freight Shipping on orders placed on SmokyLakeMaple.com, these are the THREE options available:

  1. Provide a NON-rural, full access, commercial address for delivery. (Unfortunately, farms and out-of-the-home businesses do NOT fit their criteria of a “non-rural commercial address”.) Most folks will use the address of their place of employment.
  2. If you cannot provide a non-rural commercial address, we could ship your equipment to a freight terminal near you. The freight company would call you when your pallet has arrived and let you know that it is ready for pickup.
  3. If the above options don’t work for you, we can often get around this by hiring a private carrier for delivery directly to your farm or residence. The trade-off is that these private carriers do not have regular routes all over the country. This requires us to be patient and wait for a route to go through your area. This could be as quick as a few days or as long as several months. We will call our private carriers and see what their availability is.

For free shipping, Smoky Lake reserves the right to choose the carrier and to schedule the delivery based on best pricing/carrier availability. If you have a tight timeline or other shipping restrictions, please inform us in writing up front and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We’re sorry we can NOT provide free freight shipping to Canada, Hawaii or Alaska. Also, please note that not all products on this website offer free shipping. This includes but is not limited to Silverplate evaporators and discontinued/used evaporators. In those cases, we will collect payment for shipping in a separate transaction once we have a shipping quote available.

If you cannot work within the parameters of our free shipping offer — (either providing a non-rural commercial address OR being patient for a private carrier) — DO NOT FRET. There are still other ways for us to get the equipment in your hands:

  1. We welcome you to pick up at our shop in Hilbert, Wisconsin. Just give us a heads up that you are coming so we can make sure everything is ready for you. Angela would be happy to throw on a fresh pot of coffee for you and we’ll all be so happy to meet you in person.
  2. We can search for a commercial freight carrier who will deliver to your residential, rural or limited access address. Smoky Lake would still pay for 100% of the crating/prepping/paperwork/transport. However, you would be responsible for the freight company’s extra fee for non-commercial addresses. We would need to collect in full for any extra costs before shipping.

To be absolutely clear, we at Smoky Lake are NOT the ones who decide whether or not an address is rural/residential/limited access/commercial. Smoky Lake is simply working as your ally to coordinate and schedule with the freight companies. If a freight company tells us that your address does not qualify as a “non-rural, full access commercial address” no amount of debating will change their mind.

Upon delivery, if a freight carrier or private carrier discovers that your location is too small or restricted for their vehicle/trailer, the driver may need you to receive your delivery in an alternate location. Please understand that this is not the fault of the driver nor Smoky Lake. Some deliveries can be logistically challenging for a large vehicle/trailer.

Please understand that the freight carriers and private carriers are NOT Smoky Lake employees. They are NOT there to set up your equipment.

If you request/require us to cancel or reroute your shipment after it has been scheduled or picked up, you will be responsible for any/all fees associated with making those changes. The fee will vary from carrier to carrier.

If a shipment is undeliverable and/or if a shipment is returned to us, the customer is responsible for any/all fees associated with that shipment.

FREIGHT SHIPMENTS MUST BE INSPECTED BEFORE YOU SIGN FOR THE SHIPMENT. Yes, the carrier can wait while you inspect. When you sign your name on the freight carrier’s delivery slip you are stating that the freight has arrived in perfect condition, and you are releasing the freight carrier of any liability. Smoky Lake Maple Products, LLC will be unable to recover any insurance money or offer any replacements or discounts if you sign without noting any damages on the delivery slip. If there are issues with a freight shipment, please contact Jim Schumacher at (920) 202-4500. If your product is damaged in shipping, make sure the damage is noted in detail on the delivery slip and then contact us IMMEDIATELY with photos of the damage.

At the time of delivery, it may be handy to either have a forklift and/or 2-4 strong adults to receive the equipment from the semi. The driver will not be able to remove your order from their truck by themselves. You must be there. If you have a large order such as a full evaporator, we recommend that you break down the shipment to make handling easier. For example, unload the hood first, the pan second, then the stack pipe, etc rather than unloading the entire pallet at once.

CUSTOMER RETURNS: Most equipment may be returned for a refund minus the cost of all shipping charges as long as it is returned in its original condition, in the original packaging, within 30 days of the purchase date. The customer is held accountable for the proper packaging and returning of the product. You MUST include a written explanation or email trail stating the reason for the return.

If damage occurs during return shipment, Smoky Lake Maple Products, LLC will not be responsible and cannot offer full refund. In this scenario, the customer would then need to work directly with the shipping company to file any shipping insurance claim to recoup cost.

WARRANTY: We offer a lifetime limited warranty on the TIG welds of our equipment. This warrants our welds to be leak-free. We are so confident in our welding craftsmanship that these defects are very uncommon. However, our warranty does not cover any leak or tears caused by misuse (Such as: tearing welds due to excessive torque pressure), negligence or accidents caused by the purchaser including improper storing, cleaning, care and maintenance. (Such As: leaving cleaning solutions or light acids in the unit too long or mixed improperly).

If the product has been modified, altered or welded on by any other person other than those employed by Smoky Lake Maple Products, LLC the warranty will be null and void.

If you have been instructed to return a part that you have declared is defective, you MUST return the defective part within two weeks of receiving this instruction. If you fail to do so, you will be billed full price for the replacement part.

To file a warranty claim, simply contact us at office@smokylakemaple.com with photos of the defect area, name and address. Based on situation, we will either have you bring your unit to our headquarters for repair, send you a return shipping label, or recommend an approved repair shop.

EBAY: Absolutely NO exchanges or refunds on EBAY/Craigslist purchases. If there is a missing item in an EBAY shipment, we must be notified IMMEDIATELY and the missing part will be fulfilled. If there is a manufacturing defect, we must be notified IMMEDIATELY and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

**** USED EQUIPMENT is nonrefundable and nonreturnable. However, in certain select cases it may be possible to trade in your older Smoky Lake equipment for an upgrade. Contact us to discuss.