Smoky Lake Maple Products, LLC reserves the right to update/clarify/edit these terms at any time. The below terms apply to customers and sales from this website only and do NOT necessarily apply to EBAY, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist sales.

The terms on this page are for regular retail customers. Terms specific to Smoky Lake dealers and wholesale customers may vary. Additional conditions for EBAY, Walmart, Amazon and Craigslist customers are located at the bottom of this page.

SALES TAX: According to IRS Publication 201, Section C, customers from Wisconsin MUST pay sales tax UNLESS they send us a valid sales tax exemption form. Sales tax rate is based on the location in which you take ownership of your order. (ie. your shipping address)



For free shipping, Smoky Lake reserves the right to choose the carrier and to schedule the delivery based on the most reasonable pricing/carrier availability. If you have a tight timeline or other shipping restrictions, please inform us in writing up front and we will do our best to accommodate you.


We’re sorry we can NOT provide free shipping to Hawaii or Alaska, or any address outside the United States. For international shipping, we will collect payment for the discounted shipping cost in a separate transaction once we have the shipping quote available. I’m sorry our website does not know how to calculate international shipping costs ahead of time.

To avoid any international shipping charge, some Canadian customers have their order shipped to the border for free and then they carry the equipment across the border themselves. You will just need to provide a valid US address — such as a UPS Store — and we will provide the free delivery to your specified location.

Sorry, we cannot accept a PO Box as a shipping address because not all of our carriers are able to deliver to a PO Box.


Smoky Lake offers free shipping in the continental United States on SmokyLakeMaple.com unless otherwise specified on an individual product page. In cases in which extra shipping must be charged, we will collect payment for shipping in a separate transaction once we have a shipping quote available.

Changing the Destination

If you request/require us to cancel or reroute your shipment after it has been scheduled or picked up, you will be responsible for any/all fees associated with making those changes. The fee will vary from carrier to carrier.

Undeliverable Packages

If a shipment is undeliverable and/or if a shipment is returned to us, the customer is responsible for any/all fees associated with that shipment. The customer may choose to be refunded for the order minus our cost for shipping, OR they may cover the cost of re-shipment to a new, valid shipping address.

Signing for Packages

In some cases, the carrier will require a signature from the recipient. Signatures apply to ALL freight shipments as well as FedEx shipments that have high insurance value declared. If the carrier requires a signature, but you are not available to sign, the carrier may hold your package temporarily at their facility and you will need to pick it up. If you do not pick it up within the required amount of time, the package will be labeled as undeliverable and will be returned to us. You will still be responsible for all of the costs we had incurred to ship the package to you.

Missing/Incorrect Products/Parts

If there was a mistake in your order, we do apologize! We definitely want your order to be thorough and accurate and will work with you to resolve these issues in a timely manner.

We respectfully ask that you contact us within 30 days of shipment in the rare case that you encounter an issue with missing/inaccurate items. Failing to contact us within a 30-day window limits the options we can offer to resolve the issue. Please help us help you by notifying us right away! If there are any items missing from your order or if something wasn’t quite right, please let us know. Contact Angela at angela@smokylakemaple.com.




Generally speaking, freight refers to anything larger than a 2 x 4 Flat Pan.

Freight Carriers

Freight shipments will be scheduled with a private carrier whenever possible. Alternatively, Smoky Lake also works with commercial carriers such as Dayton Freight, USF Holland, UPS Freight, etc.

Please understand that freight carriers are not Smoky Lake employees. They will not be able to set up your equipment or answer equipment-related questions.

How to Receive Freight

FREIGHT SHIPMENTS MUST BE INSPECTED BEFORE YOU SIGN FOR THE SHIPMENT. Yes, the carrier can wait while you inspect. When you sign your name on the freight carrier’s delivery slip you are stating that the freight has arrived in perfect condition, and you are releasing the freight carrier of any liability. Smoky Lake Maple Products, LLC will be unable to recover any insurance money or offer any replacements or discounts if you sign without noting any damages on the delivery slip. If there are issues with a freight shipment, please contact Jim Schumacher at (920) 202-4500. If your product is damaged in shipping, make sure the damage is noted in detail on the delivery slip and then contact us IMMEDIATELY with photos of the damage.

At the time of delivery, it may be handy to either have a forklift and/or 2 – 4 strong adults to receive the equipment from the semi. The driver will not be able to remove your order from their truck by themselves. You must be there. If you have a large order such as a full evaporator, we recommend that you break down the shipment to make handling easier. For example, unload the hood first, the pan second, then the stack pipe, etc rather than unloading the entire pallet at once.


The timing of a freight delivery is dependent on many factors: Smoky Lake work loads, production time, inventory, carrier availability, bad weather and other acts of God. Please contact Smoky Lake directly to get a shipping estimate for your specific order.

Limited Access

Upon delivery, if a driver determines that your location is too small or restricted for their vehicle/trailer, the driver may need you to receive your delivery in an alternate location. Please understand that this is not the fault of the driver nor Smoky Lake. Some deliveries can be logistically challenging for a large vehicle/trailer.

Testimonials Related to Freight Shipping

Whether your shipment goes without a hitch or you think something could be improved, do not hesitate to contact Angela directly at angela@smokylakemaple.com to share. This helps us determine the right carriers for future deliveries and it also helps us understand each carrier’s strengths/weaknesses.

If you would like to leave a formal, public testimonial about your freight shipment — whether good or bad — please review the actual carrier directly rather than rating Smoky Lake for the delivery. That way, that company will hear your voice and Smoky Lake will not be rated for a service it did not perform.


In this section, “Regular Orders” refers to orders which are NOT FREIGHT. If you have purchased a larger/heavier item (ie. a pan larger than a 2 x 4 flat pan), please see the FREIGHT ORDERS section.

Regular Shipping Carriers

Our regular shipping carriers are typically USPS Priority Mail, FedEx Ground and SpeeDee Delivery. The carrier is determined based on many factors such as the destination address and the size/weight of the package.

Tracking Numbers

When your order has shipped, you will receive an automated email containing the tracking number (when applicable) as well as the name of the carrier. If your order has been split into multiple shipments, each tracking number will be sent to you in a separate email. If you have not received a tracking number within two business days, please check your SPAM folder. If you still need help, do not hesitate to contact us.


Smoky Lake strives to maintain a 48-hour turnaround on all products which fall within the “regular shipping” category. Due to high volumes of orders during our busiest months (January – March) Flat and Divided Pans may take up to a week to ship and Filter Presses may take up to two weeks to ship. Our shipping crew does work weekends and evenings during this time so we can keep things moving as quickly as possible.

In the rare event that a product is backordered, we will alert you either via email or phone. If you are unable to wait for the backordered product, we can cancel your order for a full refund upon your request.


If a product is damaged in shipping, you MUST email us – angela@smokylakemaple.com – IMMEDIATELY with photos of the damaged product as well as a photo of the packaging. It is understood that the packaging may not always appear damaged on the outside. Still, we will need a photo of it in order to file our damage claim with the carrier.

Failure to provide images and other information limits our ability to exchange or refund. Please help us help you! Also note that some carriers may want to pick up the damaged product for inspection. Because of this, do not discard damaged goods or packaging until you are given the “all clear”.


Discounts for local pick up may be granted according to the below table for any eligible retail sale. Local pick up means that the retail customer would pick up their equipment at our headquarters in Hilbert, Wisconsin at a scheduled time. Please inquire at pick up to trigger discounts.

PANS Flat Pans and Divided Pans (Non-Freight) $25.00 USD
Flat Pans and Divided Pans (Freight) $50.00 USD
Full Pint Hybrid OR
Dauntless Drop Flue Pan Set
$100.00 USD
Hybrid Pan (larger than Full Pint) $225.00 USD
High Output Pan Sets $225.00 USD
FULL EVAPORATORS StarCat OR Dauntless Evaporators Free Brick Kit
Corsair/Silverplate with Flat/Divided/Hybrid Pan $300.00 USD
Corsair/Silverplate with High Output Pan Set $400.00 USD
ARCHES StarCat/Dauntless Arch (w/o a pan) $35.00 USD OR 50% Off Brick Kit
Gas-Fired Finisher/Evaporator (w/o a pan) $40.00 USD
Corsair/Silverplate Arch (w/o a pan) $225.00 USD
OTHER Water-Jacketed Bottlers $25.00 USD
Complete Steam Bottlers $25.00 USD
Concentric Exhaust System (without evaporator) $40.00 USD
Water-Jacketed Draw-Off Tanks $40.00 USD
Filter Presses $75.00 USD
Auto-Refill Head Tank $100.00 USD
Plastic Spouts and Tubing Fittings Top tier of the bulk pricing discounts are applied to all individual 25-packs. (as marked in store)
Wind Resistant Bag Holders, 25-Pack $10 off
FULL CASE of any style Bottle Caps $60 off
Hood only (no pans) $50 off
Backflip Preheater (no pans) $30 off


NOTE: This section covers approved, non-warranty returns.

Most equipment may be returned for a refund minus the cost of all shipping charges as long as it is returned in its original condition, in the original packaging, within 30 days of the purchase date. The customer is responsible for the proper packaging and returning of the product in original condition. Please speak with us PRIOR to making the return. In the return package, you MUST include a written explanation or email trail stating the reason for the return.

Ship all returns to Smoky Lake headquarters unless otherwise specified: 208 N 12th Street, Hilbert, WI 54129

If damage occurs during return shipment, Smoky Lake Maple Products, LLC can not be responsible and can not offer full refund. In this scenario, the customer would then need to work directly with the shipping company to file any shipping insurance claim to recoup their cost. It is recommended to insure your return package for this reason.

USED EQUIPMENT is nonrefundable and nonreturnable. However, in certain select cases it may be possible to trade in your older Smoky Lake equipment for an upgrade. Contact us to discuss.

Hydrometer Terms: Due to their fragility, hydrometers are non-returnable and non-exchangeable. But have no fear, if a hydrometer is ever damaged in our shipping, simply email Angela (angela@smokylakemaple.com) photos of the damage, the hydrometer’s serial number and the packaging right away and we’ll get a replacement sent out to you. Smoky Lake stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of these hydrometers. In the rare instance of any type of quality concern, please contact us and we’ll get it resolved.


We offer a lifetime limited warranty on the TIG welds of our equipment. This warrants our welds to be leak-free. We are so confident in our welding craftsmanship that these defects are very uncommon. However, our warranty does not cover any leak or tears caused by misuse (Such as: tearing welds due to excessive torque pressure), negligence or accidents caused by the purchaser including improper storing, cleaning, care and maintenance. (Such As: leaving cleaning agents or light acids in the unit too long or using improperly mixed cleaning agents).

If the product has been modified, altered or welded on by any other person other than those employed by Smoky Lake Maple Products, LLC the warranty will be null and void.

If you have been instructed to return a part that you have declared defective, you MUST return the defective part within two weeks of receiving this instruction. If you fail to do so, you will be billed full price for the replacement part.

To file a warranty claim, simply contact us at angela@smokylakemaple.com with clear photos or video of the issue. We will also need your order number, first and last name and shipping address. Based on the situation, we will either have you bring your unit to our headquarters for repair, or send you a return shipping label.

If you create your own return shipping label, Smoky Lake cannot guarantee full reimbursement of shipping cost. Mainly, this is because the total cost that the public pays for postage/shipping is often above and beyond the volume shipping discounts of commercial businesses. Please allow us to provide you with a shipping label.


Absolutely NO exchanges or refunds on EBAY/Craigslist/Amazon/Facebook Marketplace purchases. Also, Smoky Lake Maple gift certificates cannot be used on these third party websites. If there was an item missing from your EBAY/Craigslist/Amazon/Facebook Marketplace shipment, we must be notified IMMEDIATELY and the missing part will be fulfilled. If there is a manufacturing defect, we must be notified IMMEDIATELY and we will work with you to resolve the issue.