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Happy Memorial Day!

Expressing Our Gratitude…

This Memorial Day, we originally planned to spotlight our customer Mark Metzger, a very kind and humble sugar maker from Illinois who served our country in the US Navy. Mark is such a great guy and we had hoped Memorial Day would be a good opportunity to express our gratitude for all he has done for our country.

However, in our conversations with Mark, we could tell he was very conflicted by this idea. On one hand he was happy to share his experiences serving our country and to accommodate our inquiries. But on the other hand, he didn’t feel right about taking any spotlight this Memorial Day. He explained:

From my perspective, Memorial Day is a day to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Mark Metzger, Sugar Maker and US Navy Officer

We completely respect Mark’s point. We thank Mark for accommodating our interview request, but we will respectfully wait to post it until Veterans Day, a day designated to honor all veterans.

We asked Mark for his opinion on the best ways to honor and remember those service members who have given their lives to protect our country and our freedom. He said:

To honor these heroes, I’d say some of the best ways to honor and remember them on Memorial Day include:

• Prayer (the big one)
• Obtaining and displaying a flag
Visiting a national cemetery
• Encouraging the younger generation to volunteer for military service will pay dividends for us as a country and them as individuals.

Mark Metzger, Sugar Maker and US Navy Officer

Do you know a sugar maker/veteran who gave their life in service? Please take a moment to share their name in the comments below. They may be gone but they shall not be forgotten.

Happy Memorial Day.

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