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StarCat Evaporator w/Flat Pan — Customize It!

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This is a handcrafted item made just for you!

This evaporator is rated for 3 – 30 taps.
Estimated evaporation rate is 5 – 8+ gallons per hour.
It will take 4.1 gallons of sap to fill the 16″ x 30″ x 7.5″ pan 2″ deep.

Note: Bricks and the optional accessories are available separately. Customize this evaporator below.

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The StarCat Maple Syrup Evaporator packs a surprising punch. This feisty, high-efficiency wood-fired evaporator is capable of 8 gallons per hour evaporation rate. The StarCat is a breakthrough solution for the backyard hobby maple syrup producer who wants an affordable, yet highly effective, machine to process maple sap into maple syrup. As with all of our Evaporators, the StarCat features an air-tight front and air-tight loading door to maximize firewood efficiency and evaporation rate. A precision draft control allows you to throttle combustion air and shut down completely if necessary. The Arch (firebox) of the StarCat will come to you in a series of cardboard crates. You will need to assemble the arch and paint it, all hardware and special spray paint is included. All Ceramic Fiber Insulation for inside the arch and door will be included in this package. The only thing you’ll need to add will be exactly 20 firebricks. No brick cutting will be necessary. The pan is as professional as the arch. It is built out of 22 gauge, mirror finish stainless steel and is fully TIG welded with lifetime limited warranty on the welds. Smoky Lake has built the best maple syrup pans in the world for the past 10 years. A valve and dial thermometer are included. Other than the 20 firebricks which you can buy from your local home store, this is a turn-key evaporator.

Assembly Instructions Product Support

StarCat Specs

  • Weight of complete Arch with all bricks and grates in place, 182 lbs
  • Weight of empty arch, 92 lbs
  • Weight of bricks, 75 lbs
  • Evaporation rate, 5 – 8+ gph
    (Initial testing of this evaporator was done on a day with -16ºF temps. Even with this bitter cold intake air, we achieved 6.5 gph)
  • Stack pipe, 6″ diameter, 6 feet included
  • Optimal size of firewood: 16″ long, about the diameter of your wrist

Flat and Furious.

Premium Flat Pans by Smoky Lake are crafted with 22 gauge, mirror finish stainless steel — which has superior heat transfer compared to our competitors’ thicker gauges. They come standard with a thermometer port, draw-off port and stainless steel Ball Valve. They also feature full length, built-in handles. We confidently back every pan with a lifetime limited warranty on all TIG welds. Every pan is American made at our headquarters in Hilbert, Wisconsin.

Flat Pan with Call Outs

Every Smoky Lake Flat Pan Includes

  • 22 Gauge, Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Pan
  • Stainless Steel Ball Valve w/Nipple
  • Angled Thermometer Port
  • 3″ Dial Maple Thermometer
  • Built-in, Full Length Handles
    Smooth, Hemmed Edges
  • Level Assist Feature
    Available exclusively from Smoky Lake Maple Products. This 2″ fill line helps you level the pan before boiling.
  • Instruction guide for using a Flat Evaporator Pan
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on TIG Welds
  • Handcrafted in Hilbert, Wisc.

How Is StarCat Shipped?

The Smoky Lake StarCat is typically shipped via FedEx Ground or SpeeDee Delivery. Exceptions include preassembled Arches which typically travel with our White Glove Carriers.

The Arch (AKA Firebox) comes packed in two cardboard crates as described below. Pans and accessories (when applicable) are packaged separately from the Arch.

ARCH BOX 1 = 20 x 4 x 31


  • Side Panels, qty 2
  • Back Panel
  • Back Panel Insulation (Nested inside the Back Panel)
  • Front Panel
  • Front Panel Insulation (Nested inside the Front Panel)
  • ASSEMBLY GUIDE (Located in an envelope, on top of the Back Panel)
  • NOTE: Foam blocks in this package are not components of your arch. They simply help us ensure safe shipping.

ARCH BOX 2 = 12 x 11 x 32


  • Base Half, qty 2
  • Smaller Inner Carton
    • Arch Paint, qty 3
    • Strips of Insulation, qty 2
    • StarCat Emblem
    • Hardware Kit
  • 6″ Snap-Lock Stack Pipe, qty 3
  • 6″ Elbow (Located inside the Stack Pipe)
  • Insulation Roll, qty 2 (Located inside the Stack Pipe)
  • Handle (Shrink wrapped to the outside of the Stack Pipe)
  • Floor Panel
  • Damper Slide (NOTE: There was an improvement made to this part’s design in 2022. It may look slightly different than the photo in your manual.)
  • Door
  • Door Insulation Pieces, qty 2 (One is nested inside the door itself and the other is located under the grates.)
  • Guy Support (Located under the grates.)

4 reviews for StarCat Evaporator w/Flat Pan — Customize It!

  1. Gary Murdock

    I normally don’t offer reviews for products, but decided to make an exception for this product. While unpack-aging the evaporator, it became evident that they put almost as much thought into getting it to me undamaged as they did designing it. Every part meticulously and custom wrapped, padded, taped and protected. If this thing arrives to you damaged, its because it went through a nuclear blast and making syrup will be the least of your problems. The evaporator itself is excellent quality, built to very close tolerances, which for something designed for the hobbyist surprised me. Even the assembly instructions impressed me, they come in the form of a magazine quality (actually better) brochure. This is a high quality American made product, and I couldn’t come up with a negative comment about it if my life depended on it.

    • Angela

      Thank you so much for your kind feedback! This really means a lot to all of us here at Smoky Lake. We wish you the best this season and we will be here if you have any questions!

  2. Chris

    This product couldn’t be simpler to set up. The biggest issue for me was finding a warm place (I live in the Northeast) to paint the metal. Once that was resolved, assembly was a snap. Even a few pieces that got bent in shipping snapped into place once it was all put together. The weight is something to consider as even without the firewood grill or fire bricks, this Arch weighs a lot, be careful if you don’t get the wheels. All the seams on the flat pan were perfectly welded, no warping on the pan at all. The quality is top notch and I can’t wait to fire this up in a couple of weeks!

  3. Rick Bush

    Great product, well engineered. Simple to assemble with great instructions. The syrup making process is quick and easy with this inexpensive unit. I only wish that I had one years ago….

  4. Jim Daoust

    I have just assembled my StarCat evaporator and felt it was a must to give it a top review. In my work I have assembled equipment of all kinds and even though this was not a complicated piece of equipment the quality of materials, the workmanship, the design and attention to detail was top notch. Very easy to assemble all parts fit perfect had all fasteners required and very good instructions. All though the season is far off I am anxious to try it out and feel confident it will live up to it’s expectations, will add to this review when I try it out next season. On a side note Jim & Angela came down to the plant when it was closed and took the time to explain the equipment and make the sale which was greatly appreciated as I had driven 250 miles to purchase the evaporator.

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