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Full Pint Hybrid Pan (Fits the Leader Half Pint Arch)

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This is a handcrafted item made just for you!

The Perfect Upgrade!

  • Fits the Leader Half Pint arch (2′ x 33″)
  • Average Taps = 25 – 75 taps.
  • Estimated Evaporation Rate = 8 – 13+ gallons per hour.

Every Full Pint Includes

  • Superior Pan Construction
    • Eight 4.5-inch deep drop flues in the back section
    • Wall height is 12″
    • Sap warming compartment
    • Two finishing compartments in the front section
    • Contoured pan profile for strength
    • Full length, built-in handles
    • 22 ga. mirror finish stainless steel for corrosion resistance, beauty and supreme efficiency
    • Fittings are TIG welded from the inside of the pan for superior sanitation.
  • Brackets and ports for an optional Float Box
  • Free Pan Accessory Kit
    (details below)
  • Quick Start Guide



This is a high output direct replacement pan for the very common “Half Pint” evaporator. Measuring 24″ x 33″, the eight drop flues are stepped in 4″ from the rear of the pan so it can be set in place without modifying your arch at all.

As it is designed, the sap enters a compartment in the far rear where it is warmed to boiling temperature. From there it enters a 2′ section of drop flues where the surface for heat exchange is 450% greater than in a flat pan. The sap finishes its journey by passing through a series of two finishing compartments were it can be monitored by a thermometer and drawn off as finished syrup.

Like all of the premium equipment made by Smoky Lake, this pan is hand crafted out of 22ga mirror finish stainless steel and TIG welded with the most sanitary welding practices in the world with a variety of highly specialized tooling.

The Full Pint is equipped with a draw-off port and hanger for a float box. There is also an angled thermometer port and accessory port located near the draw-off fitting. Float Boxes, Sight Glasses and other upgrades are sold separately.

You can expect this pan to achieve 8 – 13+ gallons per hour of evaporation.


The Dimensions listed below are precise within 1/8″.

Section of the Pan Size
Overall Pan Size 24″ wide x 33″ long
Drop Flues Each flue is 17″ long x 4.5″ deep x 0.75″ wide (Eight flues total)
Front Finishing Section (Flat Bottom) 24″ long x 12″ wide (Two channels which are each 6″ wide)
Sap Entry Compartment (Behind Flues) 24″ long x 4″ wide

Thermometer Compatibility

  • Maple Thermometer with 0-50 Scale

    3″ Dial Thermometer, 0 – 50 Scale, 6″ Stem, 1/4″ NPT


Please note that our 5″ dial thermometers are not compatible with a Full Pint Pan.

Information About Optional Add-Ons:

  • Inlet Float Box for Hybrid Pan

    Inlet Float Box (For Hybrid Pans)

  • Components of the Simplicity Auto Draw Off System

    Simplicity Auto Draw-Off System

  • Hood for a Hybrid, Divided or Flat Pan

    Fitted Hood for a Smoky Lake Full Pint Pan

    From: $1,395.00


Additional information

Weight 53 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 26 × 10.5 in

2 reviews for Full Pint Hybrid Pan (Fits the Leader Half Pint Arch)

  1. Jim

    We purchased this pan two years ago as an upgrade to the “half pint”. Compared to boiling in our old cast iron kettle the half pint was a huge upgrade. Going from the 1/2 pint to the “full pint” is like warp drive. After tearing the arch apart and rebuilding with the idea of making system air tight and adding a blower we are averaging 20 gals an hr. Even at 10-15 gals this rig is respectable but at 20 gal/hr you can eat thru the sap! Quality of build is great! Great people to work with and can’t beat the American craftsmanship!

  2. John A Burtt Jr

    We purchased the Full Pint Hybrid Pan last year when bought the “half pint” stove. Before that I was using a barrel stove and a pan and spending hours and hours boiling at a rate of about 2 gallons an hour. Last year (2015) I was “Thrilled” that I spent the little bit extra to get a pan with “MANY” more square inches than the standard pan! I am now able to boil between 10 to 15 gallons an hour with average wood filling. I am sure I could do more if I keeping it really cooking and added a blower. Great Quality and Good people to work with – THANKS!!! This is a 5 star of 5 for sure! ***** I absolutely “LOVE IT” John (John 3:16)

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