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Backflip™ Preheater


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This is a handcrafted product, made just for you!


  • Assembled Preheater Piping (stainless steel)
  • Stainless Steel Nipples (to extend out of your hood) – Qty 4
  • Special Corrugated Drip Tray (stainless steel)
  • Online Installation Guide


  • Sap will exit the preheater system near boiling temperature
  • This system does NOT require a damper on the steam stack
  • This system can be configured so that the hot sap exits the system on the left OR on the right, depending on where your Float Box is located.
  • The Preheater can be easily drained after each use to prevent sap from freezing in the pipes.


  • Standard configuration requires installation within a Smoky Lake Hood.
  • The Backflip Preheater will require four outlets in the back of the hood for connections to pass through.
  • Customers will need to plumb the Preheater to their Float Box, etc. Smoky Lake offers a basic online install guide.

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Size Compatiblity

Pan Type Preheater Size
2 x 4 Hybrid Short
2 x 4 Pan Set Short
2 x 5 Pan Set Short
2 x 5 Hybrid Medium
2 x 6 Hybrid Medium
2 x 6 Pan Set Medium
2 x 8 Pan Set Long
30″ x 8′ Pan Set Long
30″ x 10′ Pan Set Long

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Can The Backflip Preheater Be Used Without A Hood?

Yes, for an additional cost, special provisions can be made to utilize this preheater without a hood. Please note that any special configurations such as this may increase lead time.


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