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Looking for a new evaporator? Now is the best time to plan for next year. Let’s secure your space on the next white glove carrier truck heading to your area this summer!

Lock in today’s pricing and get the ball rolling with a minimum 20% deposit. Bundling discounts and bulk discounts are available as described throughout the website.

Contact Maple Specialist Jimmy Brochtrup if you have any questions! We are always happy to help.

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Made In USA

Handcrafted Maple Equipment.

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Most Popular Items For Beginners

These Kits are in Stock and Ready to Ship FREE in the Continental US!

  • Beginner Filtering Kit
    Beginner Filtering Kit (1 Orlon Cone Filter + 2 Cone Prefilters)
  • Beginner Density Kit
    Beginner Maple Syrup Density Kit (Syrup Hydrometer + Test Cup)
    Product on sale
  • Beginner Tapping Kit
    Beginner Tree Tapping Kit (5 SS Taps + 5 Bag Holders + 5 Disposable Bags)

Maple Syrup Evaporators

We can help you find the best evaporator based on tap count, desired features, footprint and budget. Contact us for help from our maple specialists!

Handcrafted Evaporators by Smoky Lake:

StarCat Wood-Fired EvaporatorDauntless Wood-Fired EvaporatorCorsair Wood-Fired EvaporatorSilverplate Wood-Fired EvaporatorGas-Fired Evaporator/FinisherLiberator Gas or Oil Evaporator

Premium Maple Syrup Pans


Time Spent Among The Trees Is Never Wasted

Smoky Lake is an official dealer of DSD Stars, Plastech, LineViper and more!

Smoky Lake also offers tapping solutions that can’t be found anywhere else! Check out our exclusive line of bag holders, sap collection bags and reusable taps!


  • Steam Bottlers
    Complete Steam Bottler System for Maple Syrup – Customize It!
    Product on sale
    From: $912.00
  • Filter-Finisher-Bottler Pan with Valve, Thermometer and Filter Set
    Filter-Finisher-Bottler Pan with Valve, Thermometer and Filter Set
    From: $580.00
  • Clear Artisanal Maple Syrup Label Shown on an 8 oz Bottle
    Front Label — Artisanal Maple Syrup
  • Information Panel on 16 oz Bottle
    Labels — Nutritional and Ingredient Info

Testing Instruments

Whether your are testing the temperature, density or color, Smoky Lake offers premium products to get the job done quickly and accurately!

  • Murphy Compensation Cup
    Murphy Compensation Cup
  • GOLD SERIES Maple Syrup Hydrometer
    GOLD SERIES Syrup Hydrometer
  • Hanna Color Grading Kit
    Hanna Digital Color Grader
  • Hanna Refractometer
    Hanna Portable Refractometer

Filtering Equipment

There are three main methods of filtering maple syrup:

We are happy to help you select the right filtering equipment to fit your needs and budget!

  • Stainless Steel Filter Press, 10-Filter, Air Pump
    Stainless Steel Filter Press, Air Pump, 10-Filter
    Product on sale
    From: $2,790.00
  • Stainless Steel Filter Press, 6-Filter, Hand Pump
    Stainless Steel Filter Press, Hand Pump, 6-Filter
    Product on sale
    From: $1,395.00
  • Steam Bottlers
    Complete Steam Bottler System for Maple Syrup – Customize It!
    Product on sale
    From: $912.00
  • Cone Filter Tank w/Accessories
    Cone Filter Tank w/Accessories
    From: $340.00