Factory Direct Sales. Factory Direct Service.

Smoky Lake is very proud to be able to offer its premium, handcrafted maple equipment at factory-direct pricing. It is our pleasure to work directly with our customers, answer their questions and see them succeed. By purchasing here on SmokyLakeMaple.com, we can best serve you with customized products, factory-direct pricing, free shipping and elevated customer service.

You may also find select Smoky Lake Maple equipment at The Maple Dude in Granton, Wisconsin. Smoky Lake does distribute smaller items — such as Murphy Cups or Hydrometers — through select vendors.

PLEASE BEWARE. There are fraudulent companies out there who illegitimately claim to sell our equipment. Avoid scams and counterfeit merchandise by purchasing factory direct, or from a trusted local distributor.


Smoky Lake Maple Products, LLC

Smoky Lake Headquarters
208 N 12th Street
Hilbert, WI 54129
(920) 202-4500

The Maple Dude
W1417 US Hwy 10
Granton, WI 54436
(715) 571-3329, (715) 238-7208


Forager’s Harvest, 907 W Arthur Ave, Bruce, WI 54819, (715) 868-WILD (9453)
Wendel’s Maple & More, East Concord, NY 14055, (716) 954-3019
Weber Sugarbush Supplies, 2844 Lobsinger Line, Heidelberg, ON N0B 2M0, (519) 699-4769
Hollow Point Ranch and Sugarbush, 164 Vaile Road, Renfrew, ON K7V 3Z9, (613) 433-4178


Mandatory parameters for all Smoky Lake distributors include — but are not limited to — the following criteria:

  1. Must own a brick and mortar store with regular hours.
  2. Must be open to the public.
  3. Must carry a full line of Smoky Lake Maple Products.
  4. Must maintain a working website.
  5. Representatives must be trusted, contributing members of the maple community. 

Partnerships are reviewed annually.

If your company is interested in meeting or exceeding the above mandatory criteria, please contact us to discuss potential for a mutually beneficial partnership. 

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may the Smoky Lake name, logo or other copyrighted assets be used outside of an approved, upstanding partnership nor without written permission from the owners of Smoky Lake Maple Products. If Smoky Lake copyrighted assets are used in a fraudulent or misleading way, legal action may be taken.