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From Barrel To Bottle — Filtering and Bottling Series

October 24, 2020


You put so much time and love into making your maple syrup, and your end product should reflect that! This series will help you avoid some common pitfalls in the filtering and bottling process and show you how you can overcome them.

  1. Avoid sugar sand by using proper temperatures
  2. Avoid sugar crystals by perfecting density
  3. Tips for best presentation of your product

We’ll also give you a sneak peek behind the scenes at Smoky Lake and introduce you to two very special guests, Great Aunt Dolores and Chuck.

Session 1: Heating Syrup and Adjusting Density

In this video we will demonstrate pull syrup from our bulk storage containers, correct density and heat it up in preparation for filtering and bottling.

This segment will answer these questions:
0:20 — Why store syrup in bulk containers?
2:16 — How do you transfer syrup into the Gas-Fired Finisher Evaporator?
5:23 — What is the density of my bulk syrup?
6:50 — Why reheat syrup for filtering and bottling?
7:14 — How can I perfect my density while heating my syrup?

Session 2: Using a Filter Press

In this session, we’ll be demonstrating and demystifying the filter press. We’ll show you how to get crystal clear syrup and how to avoid generating more sugar sand after filtering is complete.

This video will answer these questions:
1:12 — How to set up a Smoky Lake Filter Press for filtering
5:17 — Pros and cons of different types of filter press pumps
7:33 — What’s the deal with Diatomaceous Earth (DE)?
11:50 — What temperature is best for filtering?
12:50 — Why does the pressure change while using a filter press?
14:45 — What can you learn from your filter cakes?

Session 3: Bottling

We’ve perfected density, reheated and filtered. Now it’s time to bottle. In this video we will be demonstrating the Smoky Lake Steam Bottler and various types of bottle caps.

We will be answering these questions:
1:20 — What is sugar sand and how to prevent it?
2:02 — Safety tips
2:45 — Techniques for filling bottles
3:45 — Pros and cons of various types of caps
5:05 — What is a valve reducer?
6:50 — Importance of clean bottle threads

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