How to Use Hand Tools for Tubing

There are three different types of tools that can be very helpful in attaching tubing to spouts or other fittings. Each tool is demonstrated in the videos below. Note that there are two different sizes of tools depending on the size of tubing you are using (3/16″ versus 5/15″ tubing)

1) Line Viper

2) Maple Tech Tools Single Hand Tool

3) Maple Tech Tools Double Hand Tool


Pre-lubricate the ends of the hose and connections with sap/water. This will help make the lines seat on smoother and prevent stretching and tearing of your tubing.

Before attaching the fitting, warm the end of the tubing in a thermos of hot water, this will make the tubing more pliable.

Tubing Tools From Smoky Lake

  • Tubing Cutter - Open Position

    Tubing Cutter, Spring Loaded with Aluminum Handle

  • Tapping Bandolier - Adjustable Belt

    Tapping Bandolier

  • Cutter Accessory Kit (for LineViper)

    Cutter Blade Accessory Kit (For LineViper™)

  • DSD-TTLSP115 Adapter for LineViper and 115º Spouts

    Adapter (For Tubing Hand Tools)

  • Pruno® Hybrid Spout Remover

  • LineViper - Model 101AR

    LineViper Tool

    From: $120.00
  • Pruno Double Hand Tool for Tubing