How To Install The Dauntless Forced Draft System?

First, Was Your Dauntless Arch Factory Assembled?

If your arch was Factory Assembled, it may be held together with rivets rather than a standard hardware kit. In that case, you will need the below hardware from your local hardware store.
You will drill out the applicable rivets on your arch using a 1/4″ Drill Bit. The below hardware will be used in their place.
Hardware List
  • Carriage Bolts (3/4″ Long, 1/4″ Diameter, zinc, grade 5) – Qty 10
  • Lock Washers – Qty 10
  • Flat Washers – Qty 10
  • Nuts (1/4″) – Qty 10

(If your Arch was assembled with a standard bolt kit, those same bolts can be repurposed and reused to install the Forced Draft System.)

Assembly Video

Table of Contents

00:07 – Introduction
00:50 – Unboxing
03:40 – Assembly
03:45 – Connect the Blower to the Back Plate
05:35 – Connect Back Plate to the Pressure Cabinet
07:11 – Preparing the Arch
08:07 – Inserting the Pressure Cabinet into the Arch
11:08 – Attach the Front Plate
13:42 – Heavy Duty Elbow
13:50 – About the Blower
14:50 – Importance of keeping the damper OPEN. Also, understanding the importance of proper alignment of the Pressure Cabinet.
15:20 – When to install the Forced Draft if you are assembling the Arch from scratch
16:20 – Sorry, this unit is NOT compatible with StarCat evaporators
17:37 – This Is What It Boils Down To…™