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Infrared Color Maps Highlight Forest Diversity

June 5, 2024

In 2020, we had the opportunity to do a walkthrough of our woods with DNR Forester Adam Zirbel. He was incredibly knowledgable and shared tools such as a Color Infrared Map to deepen our understanding of the diversity in our sugarbush.

Referencing a Color Infrared Map is helpful for understanding tree diversity because every tree species gives off a different color signature. (See video below). You might be surprised as to what you see!

  • Dark Red highlights areas of Oak trees.
  • Pink shows us Aspen/Poplar.
  • Yellow represents Maple or Basswood.
  • Mottled Green or Gray would have indicated Ash trees.

DNR Service Forester Contact Information

In Wisconsin, every county has a Forester on staff. They are an incredible, free resource available to all Wisconsin woodland owners. We highly recommend turning to these experts when you need advice regarding caring for your woodland.

That being said, each state may run their forestry service program a little differently. To learn more about the resources available in your area, be sure to contact your local DNR. We’ve listed a few contacts below.

If we did not provide a quick link to your state forestry dept above, simply do a Google search for “DNR Service Forester” + the name of your state.

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