My Auto Draw Off Valve Is Sticking Open Or Closed?

These valves are very sensitive to sugar hardening to the ball, particularly the underside where the sugar is exposed to air and can rapidly dry out after shutdown. Cleaning these valves is everything.  If you let sugar harden to the ball and then try forcing the actuator to open it even one time, that may be enough to damage it.  Removing the valve and thoroughly cleaning it in warm water after each time you boil is almost imperative.

We put a manual valve UNDERNEATH the electronic valve. This way, after shut down, we can close the manual valve and then open/close the electronic valve a few times which surrounds the entire ball of the electronic ball valve with liquid, preventing it from hardening.  This prevents us from having to remove the valve after every boil.

To clean, remove the actuator (black box) from the valve.  Using needle-nose pliers, turn the stem to rotate the ball of the valve as you run it under hot water.  Get the inside of the valve absolutely clean.  Connect the actuator to the controller of the ADO, make sure that the actuator “opens” and “closes” completely (the rotor should have a full range of 90°).  After verifying that the actuator is working perfectly, reassemble and put back into service.