Prevent Inner Ring From Sliding Out Of The Bag Holder Frame

This video will show you how to fine tune the inner ring fitment to ensure snug fit inside the bag holder. Increase your sap yield and maximize your fun by keeping bags secure!

The first time you use a new bag holder — whether it be Smoky Lake brand or any other brand — give attention to the inner ring. Set yourself up for success by dialing in the perfect tension fit.

If the loop is too loose inside the main frame, your objective is to make the overall width of the loop wider. To do this, increase the radius of the bend on the ends of the ring. Do NOT pull out on the middle of the ring. Doing so could stress the weld joint and/or turn the loop into more of a weird diamond shape.

The Smoky Lake Maple Products offers the only wind resistant bag holders in the industry. The special keyhole design will ensure that the main frame of the bag holder remains secured to the spout. You can still easily remove the bag holder from the spout at any time by lifting upward before pulling the bag holder away from the tree.