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Under Your Maple Tree — Spring Ephemerals

June 10, 2020

Get to know the plants that might pop up in your sugarbush each spring. We’ll cover some of our favorite native plants and their benefits. We’ll also cover some invasive plants and discuss effective ways to manage them.

Filmed on Facebook LIVE on June 5, 2020

Table of Contents

Basswood Leaf  2:25 — Basswood Trees

Jimmy Brochtrup   2:50 — Southern Mesic Forest definition

Jimmy Brochtrup  4:10 — Why Spring is a great time to identify plants in the sugarbush

Honeysuckle Invasive Plant  4:50 — Tartarian Honeysuckle (invasive)

Cutleaf Toothwort  8:10 — Cutleaf Toothwort

Buckthorn Invasive Plant  9:25, 14:25, 22:50, 32:40 — Buckthorn (invasive)

Poison Ivy  13:31, 18:50 — Poison Ivy

Garlic Mustard  20:00, 26:00, 31:00, 38:20, 43:40 — Garlic Mustard (invasive)

Autumn Olive  20:15 — Autumn Olive (invasive)

Yellow Wood Violet  22:00 — Yellow Wood Violet

Mayapple  29:20 — Mayapple

Goldenrod  33:35 — Goldenrod

Burdock  36:00 — Burdock

Jewelweed  38:00 — Jewelweed

Jack in the Pulpit  41:00 — Jack In The Pulpit

Elm Tree  42:00 — Elm Trees

Dame's Rocket  42:28 — Dame’s Rocket (invasive)

Follow Up

Several folks had great follow up questions after the Facebook LIVE event. Here are answers to their questions…


Autumn Olive  Autumn Olive

Rob Forrest Asked: How about autumn olive? We have that across the pond from you. You have to treat the stumps late summer/early fall right as you cut them. Prolific spreaders and thorny trees.

Reply from Jimmy Brochtrup at Smoky Lake: Autumn Olive Berries are edible and taste great! Collecting the berries every season in August obviously limits its spread. Like many non-natives they will tend to take over if not aggressively treated or removed.

More Information about Autumn Olive


Wild Cucumber  Wild Cucumber

Julie Goss Asked: Can you talk about Wild Cucumber?

Reply from Cory Bloomer at Smoky Lake: Hi Julie, Wild cucumber does have years of immense growth (like 2019 was). This is a native plant though, and can be easily maintained with mechanical or hand methods. During sap season remove any dead growth vines and use mowing to control growth during the warmer months. Hope this was helpful and please do reach out with any further questions that you may have. 

More information about Wild Cucumber

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