Filters for Filter Press

Smoky Lake offers a wide variety of filter papers to serve the maple industry and beyond. All 7″ Filter Papers work perfectly with the Smoky Lake Stainless Steel Filter Press.

The difference between papers used in the maple industry vs those that are used in other industries is the micron rating (permeability). 20 micron is recommended for maple syrup filtering. We also offer 3 micron and 10 micron for other industries.

The 5″ Filter Papers are compatible with a legacy brand of aluminum filter press which has been discontinued. We will continue offering the 5″ papers to support those customers who are still using that variety of filter press.

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  • Disposable Filter Paper for Filter Press

    7″ Filter Papers, Disposable, 20 Micron

  • Disposable Filter Paper for Filter Press

    5″ Filter Papers, Case of 250

  • 7" Filter Paper for Alternative Industries

    7″ Disposable Filter Paper (for Non-Maple Industries)