Hydrometers for Sap

The scale on these hydrometers will allow you to test sugar content of raw sap directly from the tree OR concentrated sap from a Reverse Osmosis System.

Comparing Sap Hydrometers?

  1. Length

    • The 7″ Length = Fits in a Standard Test Cup.
    • The 12″ Length = Can be used in a tall bucket of sap OR in an Extra Tall Test Cup. Since the stem on this hydrometer is larger, there is more space between each increment, making it easier to read.
  2. Scale Range

    • 0 – 10 BRIX = This range tends to be more than sufficient to measure sugar density in sap coming directly out of the tree. It may also be sufficient for some Reverse Osmosis Systems.
    • 0 – 12 BRIX = If you are using a professional Reverse Osmosis System, we recommend a sap hydrometer that goes to 12 BRIX to give you more range.
  3. Vermont Certification

    • At the time of this writing, Vermont Certification (a third party testing/verification for accuracy/precision) is a feature of our 12″ Sap Hydrometer with 0 – 12 BRIX scale. All other hydrometer options are factory calibrated and tested by the manufacturer’s in-house hydrometry experts.
  4. Made In The USA!

    • Yes! ALL Smoky Lake Sap Hydrometers are super high quality, made right here in the USA.

Showing all 4 results

  • Short Sap Hydrometer, 7 inches

    Sap Hydrometer, 7″ length, 0–12 Brix

  • Sap Hydrometer, 0 – 12 BRIX

    Sap Hydrometer, 12″ length, 0–12 Brix

  • Hydrometer Test Cup, 12" Depth

    Test Cup, Extra Tall

  • Sap Hydrometer, 0 – 12 BRIX

    Sap Hydrometer, 12″ length, 0–12 Brix — VERMONT CERTIFIED