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Bucket and Bag Spouts 25-Pack


This is our most popular stainless steel spout for use with 5/16″ tap holes.

The washer which holds your bag holder or bucket in place is 11/16″ diameter. The drip groove on the front edge prevents the sap from bleeding back. This tap will hold the full bag weight without sagging, and it is virtually unbreakable. A slight twist with a pliers removes this spout from the tree at the season’s end. They can be boiled and sterilized year after year.

(Sold in packs of 25)

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These 5/16″ stainless steel taps by Sap Meister will last a lifetime, are easy to clean, and cost less than the current cast aluminum spouts. Also, they will stay seated in the tree better than plastic spouts.

Stainless steel provides a sterile environment for maximum production. These can be boiled and sterilized year after year. Producers who reuse cast aluminum and plastic spouts are beginning the season by inserting contaminated equipment into a new hole which causes the tap hole to start closing up sooner.


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