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Flat Pan with Ball Valve

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Smoky Lake offers four standard sizes of premium grade, stainless steel flat pans. Perfect for use as a boiling pan for hobbyists or as a finishing pan for a large producers.

16″ x 30″
2' x 2'
2' x 3'
2' x 4'


  • Full length, built-in handles
  • Stainless steel draw-off port
  • Stainless steel, full port draw-off ball valve
  • Lifetime warranty on welds
  • FREE shipping in the US with USPS, FedEx or SpeeDee Delivery (depending on package weight and shipping address)
  • FREE shipping insurance

NOTE: The thermometer shown in the photo is an optional upgrade.



Optional Thermometer Upgrade

By adding a thermometer port and thermometer to your pan, you can easily monitor the status of your syrup while boiling. Maple syrup finishes at 7ºF above the boiling point of water.

How Will You Add Sap to the Pan?

You will need to maintain 2″ sap depth while boiling. This means you will need to keep adding raw sap to the pans as you boil. You may choose to do this by hand, or add a Feed Pan or Float Box for ease and efficiency.


Standard Flat Pan Features

16″ x 30″ 2′ x 3′ 2′ x 4′
22-gauge, mirror finish stainless steel YES YES YES
TIG welded (NEVER soldered) YES YES YES
Depth 7.5″ 8.5″ 8.5″
Full-length handles YES YES YES
Draw-off port size 1/2″ 3/4″ 3/4″
Stainless steel, Full Port Draw-Off Valve YES YES YES
Thermometer port and maple thermometer (3″ dial, 0 – 50 scale) Optional Add-On Optional Add-On Optional Add-On
Handcrafted in Wisconsin, USA YES YES YES
Lifetime limited warranty on welds YES YES YES

Additional accessories are available separately.

An Elite Maple Syrup Pan.

These premium grade flat maple syrup pans are great for a use as a boiling pan for a smaller producer or as a finishing pan for a large producer. As with all of our equipment, these pans are built out of 22 gauge, mirror finish stainless steel. They come with a stainless steel draw-off port and valve, full length built-in handles and a lifetime warranty on welds. We handcraft every pan right here in Hilbert, Wisconsin.

We have custom, double reinforced, foam lined, cardboard crates made for each of our pans. We treat these pans during transit as the works of art that they are. Every shipment is insured. These pans are shipped via USPS, FedEx or SpeeDee Delivery (depending on your location and package weight.)

Need a different size? We can also do custom sizes. Contact us for more information.

Optional Add-On:

The feed pan is available with a $5 discount with the purchase of a flat pan.

Optional Upgrades:

A thermometer port and 3″ dial boiling thermometer can be added upon request. A thermometer helps you monitor the status of your syrup while you are boiling. Syrup finishes at 7º above the temperature of boiling water as indicated by the large, bold 7 marker on the thermometer’s face.

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16" x 30", 2' x 2', 2' x 3', 2' x 4', 2' x 5'